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P90X Plus (Another unbiased review)

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We are currently on week 7 of the new work out program created by Beach Body and Tony Horton. P90X Plus is exactly what it claims to be, a more intense and extreme workout for people who have completed at least one cycle of P90X . (You actually need the original P90X disks to do the overall workout program)

For the record, it is hard and you will sweat loads. And now for the review.

P90X Plus is an extension of the original P90X system. The introduction of new exercises is great, and I HIGHLY recommend that you pick up the new push up stands and P90X Pull Up Bar . The new disks include:

  • Interval X Plus
  • Kenpo Cadrio Plus
  • Upper Plus
  • Total Body Plus
  • Abs/Core Plus

The regular (“Classic”) version is a 12 week program which mixes the new videos with the old on a A, B, C, D, A, C cycle. (Not going to get to specific as you can see the workout regimen here ) As far as workouts go, this program is an excellent addition to P90X. The two glaring weaknesses are the over use of Upper Plus/Abs Core Plus combo, and the fact that again Tony missed the mark with his Cardio Kenpo X option (AGAIN). (Also, they are pushing the BowFlex SelecTech Dumbells WAY to much, though they will be a HUGE space savings for you)

Now for the video breakdown:

  • Interval X Plus – This is not easy. A great interval workout, and one hell of a calorie burner.
  • Kenpo Cadrio Plus – WOW, is this terrible. The workout is weak, there is no concept of flow between moves, and because of the lack of flow the chance of staying in the zone is close to zero. The only way to make this a viable workout is to completely rework every move, so, why bother doing it in the first place? Do “Plyometrics” instead, that is another kick ass workout. (and I am not even blasting it because the “martial arts” aspect of it is crap)
  • Upper Plus – Great workout on its own, and even better with the follow up of Abs Core Plus.
  • Total Body Plus – Another really good full body work out. The emphasis on “Core Training” throughout is exceptional
  • Abs/Core Plus – The final addition to the new videos. It is a good mix of abs and core, and though I like AbRipper X better, it is a very good workout.

The first 6 weeks of the program were very good, but by week 7 I am really getting sick of Upper Plus/Abs/Core Plus. This feeling has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the workouts, it is because I have been doing it twice a week every week. (except week 4 when I only did it once that week) I think this workout collection could have used one more video upper body workout just to add more variety.

They do introduce a “Trainer Track” which is an option where Tony gives tips to improve form and effectiveness. Nice touch.

The music, well, they make a big point that this is a special composition from the lead singer of Chicago . (What happened to Peter Cetera) Apparently this guy should stick to singing, and stay away from composing. They really should get some “extreme music” for these programs, maybe Pantera or Rollins Band ! (Ok, there are a tons of options, but lose the sleeper soundtrack! How about some Richard Cheese , he is out of LA)

As I said before, this is an excellent follow up to P90X, and I do recommend it for anyone wanting to augment their initial P90X routine. It will mix things up, and keep you from burning out, and it really does hit your body in new and intense ways. I am counting the days until I do P90X classic again, because I think I am going to really see massive gains next time round. P90X Plus is one heck of a primer for what is coming!!!

(I will follow up with more at the end of the 12 week cycle)


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37 thoughts on “P90X Plus (Another unbiased review)

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the complete overuse of Upper Plus/Abs Core Plus combo. I don’t mind the repetition of the Abs/Core Plus so much, because I find it is a really effective workout for me- once I burn the layer of fat, I think AC+ will do more to get me the abs I want than Ab Ripper X, which really bothers my hip flexors.

    Also, Rob mentioned the “Trainer Tracks” these are OK the first few times, but you’ll notice a few cases where the trainer track talks over instructions to switch sides, so if you don’t WATCH and listen, you could be screwed on one side. Poor planning on Tony’s part there.

    And, for Pete’s sake… knock it off with pushing the dumbells! I work in marketing and I half wonder if at one point there was an intention to put together a few mini P90X workouts that would be offered free as a co-branded marketing tool. Because, man alive, it is annoying. WAY too much sales for a product I paid for.

    You may notice there is no specific lower-body workout in the P90X+ rotation, but if you are doing Plyo and Total Body correctly, you should still get a nice leg workout. You do feel a little like “Upper Body again? What about lower body?”, though.

    I was only able to do Kenpo Cardio X 3/4 of the way through before Rob got so pissed that he shut it off. I did have to flail like a cracked-out Muppet to try to get my heartrate “in the zone,” though.

    I’ll do a review of P90X and P90X+ “from a woman’s perspective” soon- not that gender matters too much, but it seems to be a topic of discussion on some boards.

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  4. Buy the Bas Rutten MMA workout instead of the kenpo Cardio. You will see a BIG difference. You want intense Bas will give it to for 30 minutes., which equals one hour. No joke. The actor from king of queens used it and lost forty pounds. Also try adding ankle weights and 3lb. dumbbells to the kenpo stuff. It is will make it harder and give you more burn for your buck.

  5. No. I haven’t given that a go. For me, I just replace the DVD work out with a group SAMBO (Russian Martial Art) work out. (Though the SAMBO work out is usually 2-3 hrs)

    I’ll check out the Bas Rutten vid, as he crack me up whenever I see him do commentary. Funny guy.

  6. From this review it sounds like the reviewer is doing the P90X plus as a full routine. It isn’t meant to be that way. It is suppose to take place of the “easier” P90X workouts. Not as a stand alone.

  7. You are right as it is meant to be a suppliment to the P90X workouts. But when replacing the original vids, it does become a full blown 90 day cycle. As an augmentation to the original some of the vids are great. Kenpo X sux.

    Also, there is a link up thhere of the combined regimen.

  8. Need to still check out the Bas Rutten vid. I have added 2 more days of SAMBO training per week. (So, I am up to a min of 7.5 hrs of hard core MMA training a week. Woot!

  9. Rollins Band? Better get some Black Flag. Rollins minus Cadena and Ginn equals mtv fodder for the almost punk of the late eighties early ninties crowd.

    Great review though. Forgive me for busting balls.

  10. Hey! There is nothing wrong with Rollins Band.

    (And you will never hear me dis Black Flag. Well except for the use of Black Flag in that SHITTY COVER of “The boy of Summer” by Ataris. LAME!)

  11. Hi,

    I definitely agree with your assessment of the DVDs. Kenpo is by far the weakest. My favorites are Upper Body (even if it’s overdone), and Intervals.

    To me, the P90X Plus dvds are a different kind of thing. More metabolic conditioning. I’d say it’s more challenging, not necessarily because of the moves, but because you have less time to rest, and most of your sets are timed instead of counted.

  12. i would like to know if i run everyday and use p90x will i loose weight faster and do i really need to follow the nutrien book please i need a answer thank you

  13. First, I don’t think a little running would hurt, BUT, P90X is a very intense work out program. (A lot of people think there could be more cardio in P90X, but I am not one of them. If you attack each workout, you will get a great cardio work out as well as a great targeted workout.) Tony Horton does not recommend extra running, as the overall program builds on itself. Also, if you add to much , and don’t adjust your diet accordingly, you can end up overtraining and throw yourself out of wack.

    As for the diet, I would need more info from you to say to say what the impact would be. (I don’t know anything about you yet)

    For the most part, if you DO follow the diet, you will be in a pretty good spot. The diet that goes with the program takes into account what your body needs to be successful with P90X. The proper amout of calories, the right ratio of fats/carbs/protein, good foods to fuel your body with…

    So, not to sound wishy washy, to answer specifics about you, I need to know more. Feel free to e-mail me or Heather directly.


  14. ok thanks what if a person is 50 pounds over weight what should a person do should he run everyday until he loose a couple of pounds then use p90x or run everyday and use p90x what do you recommend

  15. Lots of things are possible. Like I said, E-mail me direct. We’ll see what we can do to help.

    To do that, you MUST be eating right, you must be working out correctly, and you MUST be resting properly.

    My e-mail is on the about us page. Hit me up.

  16. It is very possible to lose a lot of weight with P90X. I lost 25 lbs in 2.5 months. I was training for a 1/2 marathon and got sidelined with knee problems for 3.5 months so I was not it horrible shape but I def. would not recommend running and doing your first round of P90X. Do RD.1 “CLASSIC” and then see how you feel. If you have good energy, flowing the diet, and working out everyday with no cheating then I would say it is ok to add some running but be very careful of overtraining and “bonking”. Just listen to your body…it will let you know what you can handle…..

  17. I think some of the P90X + workouts are kind of weak such as the Kenpo Cardio, Upper and ABS core. I did Upper and I was not impressed. I felt a burn, but it was not enough no tell me I did a good workout. I went to the gym later that day and actually worked biceps and back. I did two rounds of P90X and that got me really ripped 6-pack, massive shoulders, huge biceps and triceps. As for the Abs core, I think Ab ripper X is much harder. I personally intensify every workout, by adding 1 or 2 reps and making my form as good as possible. So I am doing about 40 leg raises by now. I also do a round of Ab ripper X after I do ABs and core. I also make sure the 8-10 rule is there, and by that I mean the maximum I can do 8-10 reps and can’t do anymore. Then you will see results and changes.

  18. I am so confused with the workout sheets for the P90X. Maybe I am just blond but I can’t figure out what is going on with the weeks 1,2,3; then the phase 1,2,3; and then classic, double, lean…by the time all that is done its not 90 days its 270 days…. Can someone explain that to me please?

  19. Let’s start at the beginning. P90X (which has 3 versions in the book, P90X Lean, P90X Classic, and P90X doubles) is only a 90 day (13 week) program (cycle). [Hope that makes sense]

    You choose which P90X version you want to do based upon the results you are trying to achieve. [Lean- was designed to reduce excess body fat, and not focus on massive muscle growth. Classic- is the traditional P90X program, for great all around fitness. Doubles- are you trying to be a walk on for a college sport? Do you want to get UBER fit? Then do doubles.]

    Once you choose your P90X version, you print out the sheets you want to use to track your workouts. Each sheet corresponds to one of the daily workouts. What your weekly schedule is, depends on the P90X version you chose (Lean, Classic or doubles) and what week you are on. (Weeks 1-13)

    For a quick reference: P90X classic is shown on Pages 27-29. Doubles on Pages 31-32 and Lean on Pages 33-35

    The Phases are the weekly workouts grouped together to identify different parts of the overall 90 day cycle. That is all. (They do correspond with the P90X diet plan if you are following that as well.)

    I hope this helps. If not, feel free to e-mail me at rlt5437@gmail.com


  20. Hi guys, i am almost done with P90x plus….so….what’s next? what should i do? should i go back to P90x, repeat P90x plus? i checked the one on one by Tony but i feel they are ok just simply to do something some days but not as a good routine plan, any help or comments is very welcome. Regards. Oscar.

  21. Oscar,

    I really like the 1on1 series so far. Yes, they are shorter but they’re much more customizable and there’s enough of them (now) to be combined into a complete routine. I’m also ordering Insanity to add some (uh, insane) cardio 2x per week…basically because I’m not insane enough to take on a 60 day regiment of intense cardio.

    I like my weights too much.

  22. I think if anyone is complaining about the original Kenpo X isn’t looking at it for what it is. A beginer / intro to Kenpo cardio work out. It does get easier so I added 5 lbs/ ankle weight and 2.5 lbs wrist weight and watch the video on 1.4 speed to keep it going and the heart rate up. I will check out the Bas Rutten videos.

  23. Haha quit your bitching about the dumb bells. Just pick a different option so you don’t need to hear him talk about it. Queers. You people complain too much. I’m sure you guys couldn’t put together an effective work out program.

    1. Though you come across as a total dipshit, you touch on a point close to my heart. As this year, 2010, you will see the 1st ever FitLifeSF Martial Work-Out Program. Keep watching the site for details!

  24. I completed p 90x last year in June and I ended up gaining 10 pounds. I had been a weight lifter and work out person 5-7 days a weed to begin with. Since I became a type 1 diabetic, I have had so much trouble losing weight. I am now approaching 43, I am 5’8 and weigh 160. I retained a lot of water, and did bulk up, but I was looking for a different effect with losing some weight. Do you have any suggestions, for I am wanting to start the p90x+ but don’t want to gain any weight. I wear an insulin pump. I started out weighing 150-155 at most, and can’t lose that. The program itself is amazing, and I want to continue. Laurie

  25. good review.

    to be honest, even kenpo from p90x is not my favourite. i would rather do the bonus intervals they throw in, taken from the power 90 master series. i just found kenpo to be a yawn. and while i’m not an expert in martial art, i would rather find myself a good martial art club and get the proper training. and most likely, a better workout. it was fun the first couple of times – but that’s about it.

    anyway, i am just into my third phase of p90x (first cycle through) and am looking to add more to my workout so i’ll probably get p90x plus.

    personally, i don’t think i would enjoy the workout you linked. not that there’s anything wrong with it – it’s just that i’m the kind of person that needs variety and doing the upper body workout twice a week may be too stagnant for me.

    i was thinking of re-doing the whole p90x (doubles – as i’m also doing cardio on the side) with what i would call a fourth phase using p90x plus for 3 weeks, followed by the usual recover week. and maybe even a fifth phase where i rotate week 1 of p90x, week 5 of p90x and then the p90x plus before another recovery week.

    what do you think about that? too much? i would do maybe two weeks of recovery, though, before hitting phase 4 and 5.

    i’m a big hardcore, too. 🙂 i have to say, i’ve done a lot of different strength training programs (not easy ones either) but p90x has been the best so far. it’s the fastest way to get lean and mean.

    1. Shy,

      I was not to thrilled with P90X+ The workouts are OK. You woul dbe better off picking up the Tony Horton One on One’s and susbstitutin gthe new workouts for some of the P90X workouts. Or, you could wait for P90Next. In the mean time, try spending a little time with Shaun T. Insanity is amazing, but brutal.


  26. I have finished a round of p90x lean and have lost 40 pounds. Now I’m looking to still burn fat but gain some muscule mass.
    I’VE ordered the P90X + dvds and a few of the one on ones. I’ve got uppper body, diamond delts, killer abs, and iso abs. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on how to work the one on ones into the p90x routine?

  27. I started p90x about 2 years ago. I have been doing Brazilian jiu jitsu for a few years and wanted a good workout program I could do at home,as I spend around 12 hours per week on the mat. I loved this program. After a few rounds I opted to add either insanity or p90x plus. Plus won lol. It honestly wasn’t everything I had hoped but was def a good addition to my program. Upper plus is a good workout for sure. Introval x is awesome and a good change from plyo. Total body on my opinion sucks too much crap stuffed into one workout,I never felt like I got a good workout with this one and dropped it. ABS plus is lackluster also got dropped for an ripper and one on one killer ABS. I personally liked the new Kenpo video. I know some people don’t but remember it isn’t supposed to be super intense as it is more of a relaxing light workout before a day off. Plus I sometimes wear my mass suit and then it becomes a monster workout. Anyways that is my opinion. Sorry about the big block of a post. Typing on a new iPhone and can’t figure out how to make paragraphs yet lol. Can’t wait for mc2. See you on the mat fellow bjj lovers. As Tony would say bring it! !!!!

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