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Review: Sports Basement, Presidio SF

Sports Basement

610 Mason St
San Francisco, CA 94129
(415) 437-0100

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Now that I’ve turned into this big jock, in addition to suffering through date rape jokes from my HIGHLARIOUS friends, I also find myself having to purchase jock clothing and jock accessories. New running shoes, in particular, since attempting to run up the hills and over the dales of Golden Gate park on three-year-old crosstrainers was just plain stupid.

So I took my 20% off coupon from Bootcamp and took my ever-firming-up, and HOT OLD ass over to Sports Basement. Yes, that was a “Sex and The City” reference for all you dilettantes. Mama needed new running shoes and new workout clothes that wouldn’t make her look like a Jazzercisin’ soccer mom.
I had high expectations due to all the rave reviews about all the hotties working here, eager to bask in my glory while making a quick commission. I saw some lurking about, but ended up being helped by a somewhat indifferent chick who was clearly already on weekend time, since it was 4pm on a Friday. Can’t blame her for that, but since I expected a bevy of hot, topless guys to gather around, feeding me grapes and slipping the perfect pair of Asics on my dainty feet like the elusive glass slipper…well, I was a tad disappointed in service.They do give fit assessments by watching you walk and determining your gait, so that’s cool. You’ll have to ask for it though. After being made to walk barefoot up and down an aisle, I was told I was a slight overpronater but only required light stability. This differed greatly from an assessment I’d gotten at another shoe store, who told me I needed high stability. Who to believe? I ended up with a pair of Sauconys with moderate stability. My first run in these babies led to a slightly twisted ankle. I can either blame that on a poor fit, or the uphill, root-bombed trail I was running up.

BUT! I did leave with a hell of a deal….$70 shoes, plus some hecka-cute butt-enhancing Puma pants and cleavage-flattering Puma top…all for under $150. Elsewhere, I would’ve spent at least twice that. I don’t know when workout gear got so expensive, but if you want good stuff without looking like a total tool, you need to spend some scrilla.

I start the next session of Bootcamp next week. I’m sure I’ll be back here soon, hopefully with another 20% off coupon and a hankering for more obnoxious jocko gear like a heartrate monitor, and perhaps some sexy Chafe Eez or a hawt dri-flex, perforated baseball cap and a matching “fuel belt!” GET BACK! CAN’T STOP ME NOW!

*side note: In the interest of making this not a completely one-sided review, you should know if you don’t already that you can find any type of sports equipment your little heart desires here, all at a nice discount. Camping equipment, snowboard gear, full-on bike stuff, swimwear, and kids’ stuff too. They also have some pretty cool store events, like surfing workshops, sports-related film screenings, and even art openings.

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  1. I love the sports basement. I tend to go to the on 16th st, and can’t help but to walk out with something every time I go there.

    FYI, They have the BEST deal in town for Endurox 4 recovery drink! Way cheaper than GNC even with the GNC Gold Card. (for the big tub)

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