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Slim in 6 / Beachbody 6-Day Express: Day 6

It’s the last, and probably most challenging, day of the Slim in 6 6-Day Express program.

For starters, my work brings in FREE LUNCH every Friday– today is Indian. Somehow, enjoying chicken breast and zucchini with a plain fizzy water just doesn’t fly when the whole office smells of tandoori, tikka masala, naan and mango lassi.

For follow-up-ers, tonight is the Cock-T’s show at Annie’s Social Club and a dinner-date before at our favorite sushi joint, Yo’s. I have my plan of attack ready for tonight- I’ll be having one ahi sashimi, one yellowfin sashimi and a seaweed salad with hot tea at Yo’s, and club soda with lemon at Annie’s. But, still, hipster bars are kind of a pain in the ass without a bit of boozy buffer.

Surprisingly, I am feeling pretty well. I think the ill health effects I am suffering are more from the steroid shot I got for the poison ivy- tired, some joint pain and have a bit of a cough (steroid shots can tank your immune system.) I take this as exactly the kind of feedback I needed– I can go for 6 days on 1100 cals/day and not totally crash, I should be able to jump right in with the P90X+ “lean” and the fat burner eating plan with no ill effects. In other words, while I’m trying to get the fat off, I don’t need to be eating like a bodybuilder. I pride myself on eating WELL, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing… i think I was totally underestimating the quantity of good food I was eating.

We’ll see tomorrow morning at weigh-in if any of the past 6 days shows on the scale, tape or calipers. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’m not counting on anything.

Incidentally, I tracked the poison ivy to eating a mango from the office’s Fruit Guys box about two weeks ago. I remember hearing once that mango skin has the same oils in it as poison ivy, but I’d never remembered reacting before. Anyhow, the mango was kind of not-ripe, so I was chewing the fruit off the skin. Apparently, I swallowed some because… well… you don’t want to hear about all that, now do you? Bah.

55 thoughts on “Slim in 6 / Beachbody 6-Day Express: Day 6

  1. Could anyone email me a copy of the slim in 6 express diet plan? I bought a used program and it was not included. Thanks a million!!!

  2. Hey Michelle, did you ever receive a copy of the 6 day express as I purchased this DVD years ago and have lost the plan. I have a trip to Cancun coming up in 9 days and would sure love to knock out another couple of lbs. If someone could email me a copy of the plan I would so appreciate it!!!

  3. I as well would like a copy of this diet plan. I saw Slim in 6 advertised on a late night infomercial last night. I would purchase the entire set, but I am only interested in the Slim in 6 express. Is there any possible way that someone could email me the diet plan?

  4. I too would be interested in this diet plan. Would purchase but, I’m only interested in the slim in 6 express. Already on a great work out program.

  5. I have the Slim in 6 Program and love it. I am unable to find the 6 day express plan. Can anyone send me a copy or even an outline of the details, please.
    Thanks so much!!!!

  6. I have also misplaced my Slim in 6 express diet plan book, and would appreciate someone sending me an outline of the Phase II plan. I just had a baby and I am ready to get back in shape.


  7. I have the 6 day express diet and can scan and email it if you need it. Send me an email and I will send it back to you. I am on day 4 now and feeling very sore but good. Seems to be working.

    1. Hey! i know this is a couple of years old…. but do you by any chance still have the 6 day express plan? i ordered slim in 6 YEARS ago and didnt keep anything other than the DVD’s. if i could get a copy of the express plan that would be amazing!

    2. Hi, im looking for a scan of the 6 day express diet cause i lost mine like 3 years ago! do you still have it? if u do can i please get a copy of it? i would be sooo thankfull.

    3. Lori, Looks like we are all scatter brained, I too purchased this many years ago and have everything but 1 dvd and the express 6 day plan, could you please send to me if you still have a scanned copy???

  8. Hi there,

    I have heard great things about the Slim in 6 program as well as the 6 day express. However, I only need the 6 day express. I have a regimine already but I have a wedding in a week and a half and really only need the express. Is there anyway you could email me?

    If not thats fine but I would appreciate it.

    Thank you

  9. Lori,

    I downloaded the Slin in 6 program, but cannot find a copy of the 6 Day Express. If you could please e-mail me a copy, it would be GREATLY appreciated!



  10. Lori–
    I have all the slim in 6 stuff- but have misplaced the 6 day express. Would like to start slim in 6 again with the 6 day express first. Could you please email it to me. Thanks

  11. Hi there

    I too would love a copy of the 6 day express, if anyone has a copy they can send, then i would appreciate it.

  12. Hey all,
    I actually have 2 questions.
    1. Does anyone know if the videos released in the 90s contain the same workouts on the re-released slim in 6 dvd advertised now? I’m interested because I got hand-me-down vhs tapes from my mom of the entire program.

    2. I would also like a copy of the 6-day express diet plan. As I mention I have all the vhs tapes but no diet plan. It would be truly helpful and soooo appreciated.

    Please send to


    1. Dee, Cathy, Diane, Deb, and anyone else:

      This really isn’t the place to try to find copies of the diet plan. If you want to get it, order it online. You can get if off my store. Maybe one of you did share your copy with someone else, but, I think it is a bit of a coincidence that all of you have misplaced a copy. If you got the DVD’s from Ebay or download, then get over being cheap, look at this as an investment in your health, and BUY A COPY SLIM IN 6!


  13. I am sorry to said this, but I lost the email with the 6 day express diet, can anyone send it to me. Sorry but please, send me the diet again. Thanks.

  14. Hi Tiff,

    As we’ve mentioned in this thread previously, we can’t send out the booklet because we’d be in violation of our agreement with Beachbody, but I can tell you a few things:

    1) I spell out pretty explicitly what I was eating on the plan here:

    2) It’s your basic non-sustainable SUPER low-cal “clean foods” purge. What this means? I think I was eating about 1100 calories per day on the plan, no booze, no caloric beverages of any kind, no artificial sweeteners, lowcarb, lowfat. Very little fruit. Dinners of grilled lean meats and green veggies (no sauces, potatoes, rice, etc.)

    3) The booklet (6-day diet program) is not any kind of magic bullet. It is intended to be paired with the workouts, and it is not to be followed for more than a week regardless, so you could put together something on your own (or just check out my other post where I walk step-by-step through a day on the plan.)

    Hope that helps, and best of luck on finding a program that gives you long-term success!

    1. If your disks came from Beach Body, you need to contact them as to why your diet plan wasn’t included. If you bought Slim in 6 from someone on Ebay or downloaded it from the web (non legit copy), you can still contact Beach Body and purchase the Diet Guide for $19.99.
      ( )

      The Slim in 6 variations can be found at the link below:

  15. i was wondering if anyone has a copy of
    Simple Steps to Success! guidebook?
    Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide ?
    Motivational calendar?
    also the 6 day express diet plan?
    i would really appreciate itif someone can scan then instead of me buying.. im unemployed but would love to lose weight an alreay have the dvds from my cousin but she has no clue where the other stuff when.

  16. I find it incredibly hard to believe that ALL these people didn’t get the 6 Day Express Diet Plan. Sounds more like these people just want it emailed to them for free to lose 6 pounds in a week. This plan is NOT going to work in the long run unless you mix in exercise into your day. You need a balance of eating correctly AND physical activity. Losing 6 pounds in a week is nothing compared to having a “desired” physique for a lifetime. The only problem is, most people want a quick fix instead of working towards have a healthy body long term. Every diet out there works, it’s just people don’t stick to them, don’t add exercise, or give up too easily. Losing weight requires a lifestyle change, not a one-week miracle.

    1. Tell me about it. They are either downloading it from some bit torrent somewhere or buying the Chinese knock offs that are selling on Facebook for 75% less. (But they get no documentations)

      All I can say is that, you won’t get them from us. But you can get the link to BUY the books here. (and yes, from Team Beach Body)

  17. hi lori could you please email me a copy of the six day diet plan i would really appericate it. i amin a wedding really soon and would like to drop the last few pounds.


  18. Can someone tell me if the 6-day express diet plan booklet includes workouts? If so then are they different workouts or the ones same as that we have in the DVD?… can someone tell me what workouts I should follow for the 6-day express?

  19. Just got my Slim in 6 in the mail yesterday & went to the store yesterday to get all my foods – can’t wait to start the 6 day express!!! WIll keep you all posted πŸ™‚

    I do agree with Rob, I find it hard to believe that you all lost your copies of the materials. The entire plan is not expensive so just get on line & buy it for yourself. Isn’t the price worth it to get all the materials & make it work?? Besides, the entire plan doesn’t work without the workout DVD’s too!!

  20. sorry but was just wondering if someone can email me the 6 day express diet plan. i have the workout and everything but the plan i dont have. sorry for this

  21. I am doing the slim in 6 videos and do not use the the diet plan. I really don’t need to lose any weight anyway ( I am 5′ 8″ and weigh 125 lbs)
    For all you who want the 6 day diet plan, it is really not worth it in my opinion. I refuse to follow any diet plan that is not sustainable. They even tell you not to do it more than 6 days. It is very hard to follow for even that long. Any weight loss will not be permanent as it will be mostly water and not fat loss. Just do the workouts every day and watch what you eat. Its really that simple.

    In order to stay slim you need to change your lifestyle, not go for a quick fix 6 day diet. Until you change the way you think about food you will not be successful in the long run.

    Good luck to you all.


      Thank you, Nancy! I have to admit, every time I get a ping that a comment has been added to this thread, my fur gets up in a bunch because I assume it’s someone else just wanting the diet plan. It is not about the diet plan, it’s about long-term results.

      The diet plan really is nothing magical; there’s no replacement for hard work and long-term commitment.

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