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Listening to your body

Sure, it figures that I would be writing something like this after being sick for the last 5 days. (and if you go back to Saturday you will find me tending the fire at the BBQ a bit to long, and inhaling way to much smoke) The long and short of it, my system was over run by “cold” germs. I felt it coming on late Saturday night, and it really hit me after soccer on Sunday. (Would having had taken Airborne helped? Who knows. Should have tried.) What I got out of it was a nice 5 day rest, and 3 days of working from the house. (I am not one of those evil bastards who likes to take a DayQuil, then drag his infected ass to the office to start a plague.) Still not at 100%, I am choosing to listen to my body, take it easy for one more day, and then get back to my regular work out routine!

Now, I am not advocating not working out because of low energy, BUT, when you are recovering from an illness, sometimes discretion is the part of valor. I tend to push myself, no matter what, it is how I like to work out. When I am 100% healthy, I know what my limits are, and how hard I can push. When I am recovering from being sick I am more prone to pull something or tweak something. My goal is to get back to my normal routine, so one more recovery day won’t kill me!

Getting over illness, is just one time you need to listen to your body. Dealing with sprains, pulls, or major injury, well that is something else all together. Sprains and pulls to me are the most annoying of all injuries, as they tend to bother you and bother you and bother you and… you get my point. Unless either of these injuries are severe, you can always tape up and work through it. You better really know yourself well, as you may cause a minor injury to become a major one. If you are not already in good shape, you may want to let the injury heal up. If you consider yourself an “athlete,” you have been dealing with these injuries all your life and you know the difference between nagging pain and a major problem. (Nagging pain is the dull throb, the “hey, feel me, I am not 100% but still work” pain. Major problem is a tearing pain, a loss of strength, an inability to move. If you feel this, FRIGGEN STOP!)

All of these are different than “Low Energy.” The only time low energy should be worried about is when it is getting to be chronic. Depression, Mono, Pneumonia, all of these need a different kind of cure, all the motivation in the world may not be enough to heal something like this. (Maybe you are a Christian Scientist, and don’t believe in medicine, maybe you need to go to one of those “pray for me while I get ready to die” healing centers. dumb dumb dumb!) If you have a number of low energy days, and you can’t get yourself out of the funk, you really should go see a doctor, and see what is going on. (And being hung over every day, is not a reason to see a doctor, maybe cause for an intervention though. damn Karaoke junkies!)

Regular “low energy” should be pretty easy to deal with, as you need to keep your head into the game and get your body going. You can mix things up if need be, so as not to get caught in a rut. If you are fueling your body properly and keeping your head in the game, knowing how your body is working is the next essential step in staying fit. Listen to it. If it is a lack of motivation, understand that and get motivated. If it is an injury, identify it, and take care of it. Sometimes, you just need to rest. (Coming Soon: Over Training!)


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  1. Ah ha! Actually, I revoke my “Ah ha!” I was totally unexposed to anyone sick except via your facebook update, Rob- i don’t know how i caught this cold, too!

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