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P90X Doubles Week 1 Done (Beginning a new 90 day cycle)

My addiction continues!  Last week I began my 3rd cycle of a Beach Body 90 day program, “P90X Doubles.”  After completing my 2nd cycle, which was P90X+ (Plus), I was thrilled to start P90X again.  Though the “Plus” was challenging, and I saw great core strength gains, I personally don’t enjoy those work outs as much as the original videos. 

One would think that if you have been working out extremely hard for over 1/2 a year, that revisiting an old workout would not devastate you.  (Granted I have been in good to great shape since I was 14)  One would think.  As I am doing “P90X Doubles” this time, my first month is the same as the last time I went through “P90X Classic.” 

  • Monday – Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Tuesday – Plyometrics
  • Wednesday – Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X
  • Thursday – Yoga
  • Friday – Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Saturday – Cardio
  • Sunday – Soccer or SAMBO (Non P90X fun)

All I can say is, DEAR LORD!  I was in more pain after the first week than I was the first time did this routine.  Some of it was that good work out pain, a bit of it was my body telling me to piss off.  (heh)  This time through, my form is way better, I am doing more push ups, more pull ups, more weight, more more more.  And I am really pushing myself to the brink. 

I knew I was in trouble on Tuesday, when I woke up really sore.  (The good kind of sore)  By Thursday I was really looking forward to the Yoga routine, and I believe I did it the best I ever have.  I needed the stretching and isometrics which is Yoga, or so I thought.  Thursday night, I felt really good, I had stretched farther, and had better form than ever.  Then Friday came.  Still a bit sore, by hamstrings were a little tight, and it was Leg day.  By Sunday, where I had a 8:45am soccer game, I was completely sore before my game, and by the end of it, I was done.  I needed a rest.  So the rest of the day was mellow, and I got a great nights sleep that night.

Yesterday, (Monday, beginning of week 2) I felt great.  And after last nights work out, I felt friggen huge!  And not huge in the, “I just ate 6 gallons of ice cream” sense, but the “Damn, I look like I should be in the WWE” sense.  This is why I love to work out, the feelings of accomplishment, the physical challenge, the drain, everything about pushing myself to the limit.  It is really a lot of fun to me. 

Tonight is more jump training (Plyometrics), and I plan on tearing my legs and core apart.  I am really looking forward to it!  What will this 90 days bring at the end?  I can’t wait!


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