How tall is Tony Horton?

I’ve always thought it was funny that Rob has this obsession with how tall Tony is.  “How tall do you think he is?”  He’d ask me on Monday.  “How tall do you think Drea is?”  He’d ask me on a Tuesday, as I notice Tony is clearly standing full-height next to a full-height Drea.

Now, thanks to all you lovely people on Google, I get to laugh whenever I come on and look at our search terms.  “How Tall is Tony Horton” (or some variation thereof) is always in our top 5 search terms, bringing as many as 10, but rarely less than 5 people per day to our site.

So, what gives?  What’s with the obsession about Tony’s height?

(Ps. If I had to guess, I’d say a scant 5′ 9″.)

15 thoughts on “How tall is Tony Horton?

  1. cuz he’s huge and its easier for shorter people to get more cut like he is and if he’s tall when then hes that much MORE BAD ASS!

  2. He may say 5’11” (as most guys add two inches to their height), but it’s pretty clear he’s probably 5’9″ or slightly less. He looks just a tiny bit shorter than average.

  3. Yeah, I just got done doing Core Synergistics , he is barely taller than Pam and a few inches taller than Drea. There are some videos where is much shorter than the guys in his videos. I am going to say 5’9 to 5’11. No way he is over 5’11!

  4. If Tony Horton is 5’11”, then Drea is the tallest areal gymnast in the history of areal gymnasts. Those girls are usually about 4’10” to 5’2″ because they have to do so many moves in mid-air and they have to have the leverage to propel themselves. Hell just look at normal gymnasts, like in the olympics, they are very, very short.

    That being said, Tony is a badass no matter how tall he is.

  5. Yea i’m going with 5’8″ or something for Tony’s height. He told me two days ago he was 174.9 lbs. (Feb.18.2010) during the VIP beachbody.com chat session.

  6. I met Tony Horton yesterday, I am 5’8 and he was significantly shorter than me. More around the 5’5 range. And quite a small guy…but very big arms.

  7. He’s a former gymnast- and it stands to reason he would be around the height of other men in that sport (Olympic champs Kurt Thomas and Bart Connor are both listed as 5’5″ on their websites).

    But that is not a slam at all– a competitive male gymnast’s body is probably the ideal fitness prototype ever since the days of ancient Greece. A gymnast is able to handle his own weight, maintain control, and is cut, flexible, and strong.

    It’s great to have those training techniques used by world-class athletes broken down– and it clearly works.

  8. it says everywhere on the Internet, even on the recent video he made on his YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/watch?v=agz5NPxdiLA) that he is 5’10”½ and used to be 5’11” but I think he looks 5’7”-5’8” with shoes

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