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If you have a bad bruise or muscle aches: Ho family Dit Da Jow (a real life review)

My hat is off the the people at Plum Dragon herbs!  They are life savers!

I have been training in martial arts since I was 14 years old.  (WOW, that means it has been 21 years.  Insane.)  At some point I was introduced to Dit Da Jow, and I learned that if you get the right recipe, this stuff really works.  Most of the time I would receive bottles from friends who had their “family” recipe batches, and they would keep me pretty well stocked.  (A little goes a long way)  So picture this, I am getting ready to leave for the most intense training trip I have ever been on, and I AM OUT OF JOW!  So, what to do?

I made the phone calls to all my sources, and no one had a batch that was ready. (This stuff has to age in the bottle to be effective)  So, like any Internet geek, I hit the web and did some research.  I came across Plum Dragon Herbs and after comparing all the reviews I could find, I gave them a go.  The price was not bad, and now, after being a user of their product, I am also an advocate!  This stuff works!

I took a bottle of their Ho Family recipe Jow with me to the Sambo conditioning camp I went to in Ukraine, and it really helped me get through the pain.  10 days of 8 hour workouts takes its toll even on the most fit people, and between the Jow and Tiger Balm Ultra, I kept going.  My hat is off to the people at Plum Dragon!  Thank you!

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