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Which P90X workout is right for me?

Ok people, this has been a BIG question on our site, and we decided to take the comments off our other posts, and move them to a easy to find place.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

The great thing about P90X is that choosing between the Classic or Lean workout is very simple, and if you want to see different results, switching from one to the other is just as simple.

Please post any questions you might have on this subject here. Be sure to read below, as Smurf and I have responded to many comments on this subject!


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67 thoughts on “Which P90X workout is right for me?

    1. Depends on how athletic you are currently. Lean will help do exactly what it says, burn lean you up. You will still gain muscle, but the focus is on fat burning. Classic will still burn fat, but the focus is more on strength training and all around development of lean muscle mass.

      The diet for both of these workouts is just as essential as the workout. They will both kick your butt, and you need to make sure you are feeding the machine properly. So, read the diet guide!


  1. Hi! I just ordered P90x in the hopes of toning my body and losing some unneeded weight. I have always had a hard time losing weight. I am 5’8 and 150lbs. I am at my biggest yet and would like to lose 10-20 lbs. I did the gym for a good while with out much results at all. A bunch of my good friends/co-workers have raved about this and have had amazing results. I am just nervous that I will not be able to do the plan since i am not in tip-top shape whats-so-ever and have been told how intense it is. I bought a chin-up bar and i am still waiting on the dvd’s to come. I dnt own any bands. Should i get them? Cause i am positive i wont be able to pull myself up on a bar anytime soon haha. I am really glad to see all the comments from women too on here. it is very reassuring. I am just hoping this tones and helps me lose a few pounds in the process.

  2. Hi Lisa- Yes, get the bands. I did bands for most of my first round, then graduated to using the pull-up bar with a chair. Now, when Rob’s around he spots me, but I still can’t do more than two in a row.

    Number one most important thing, as I’ve said on other threads, is to monitor your food, be sure you are getting enough to eat but stick to around 1500 cals. Keep moving the whole time, even if you can’t do the whole set (either modify or get up and jump around, don’t just stand there.)

    Remember, losing weight and building muscle are separate metabolic tasks. I’d suggest starting with the Lean Program that you’ll see outlined in the book until you get the pounds off. Concentrate on that first.

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you do!

  3. Smurf,
    Thanks for getting back so quickly to me! I will definatly take your advice on trying the lean program and cutting my calories to 1500! I will keep you updated on my progress too:-D As for the bands do you think 5 or 10 lb hand weights will work?
    Thanks for the advice!

  4. The 5-10 pound hand weights will be useful to you in the program overall (you’ll need some 10 and 15, too, though), but won’t take the place of needing either the kind of bands that close in a doorway or a pull-up bar.

    Of the Beachbody Products, if you go here:

    And click Accessories.
    You’d be looking for something like the “B-LINES Bands Standard Kit” (The item underneath the pull-up bar. )

  5. Hi,
    My husband and I are wanting to start P90X together. I am 5’2 and 102 lbs, had a baby 6 months ago and was on bed rest for 2 months. So, I have not exercised in a while and am not in shape. I am looking to gain muscle and lose a little fat off my stomach, but I don’t need to lose weight. Which program would work best for me?


    1. P90X (by Tony Horton) is a great program for that, especially the “classic” version. (P90X comes with 3 options, Classic, Lean and Doubles) This is a 90 day resistance heavy program (Body Weight and Dumb Bells or Resistance Bands) with cardio days as well. But it is much heavier on the resistance work than the cardio. Personally, I think it is a great mix, and really enjoy the program.

      If you are already pretty fit, and you want to get crazy, Insanity (By Shaun T) is an AMAZING program. 60 days of Marx Cardio Interval Training. All you need is space, water, and you. (Well, a TV and DVD Player too)
      Both Programs will give you the results you are looking for.

      The key thing is, at 102 lbs, you will need to focus on your diet with either program. You will need to make sure you are eating enough calories in the right %’s to both fuel your body and grow muscle. We can help you dial that in.

      If you are feeling that these programs are a bit intense to start with, Power 90 is a great Workout Program to start with. Not as extreme, but VERY effective. (Also a Tony Horton workout)

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  6. The P90X Program will come with a Nutrition Guide that I encourage you to try– with one caveat. I think they have the calories set far too high for most women trying to lose much fat on “lowest calorie” option (especially a woman of your stature- no offense :). I recommend trying the proportions they have you eating, but knocking off a carb and a protein (or skipping a bar or a drink that they put in there) so that you net out at about 1500 cals per day. For you at your stature, this should be a nice place for converting fat without being necessarily being a huge deficit.

    If you find the nutrition guide program as written doesn’t work for you, I advocate shooting for a sensible 40-30-30 blend of Carbs, Lean Protein and Healthy Fats. Some days my carbs are up closer to 50 and my fats are a little lower and I don’t let it stress me out any. Just keep it balanced and eat “clean foods” almost exclusively. As always, I recommend trying to get your fuel from “real foods” before resorting to bars, but I do like the Recovery Drink for its convenience (trust me, after these workouts you won’t want to be whipping up a yogurt smoothie or something similar, you just want to mix and drink), and I also think the P90X bars are a lesser evil than some other, more processed and synthetic, bars on the market. They are mostly dried fruits and protein powder, etc. The label reads almost entirely “real food.”

    Hope that helps!

  7. Hi,
    I have read so many reviews and I am trying to decide if I chose the right program in P90X.
    I am 5, 10 and 145 lbs. I am bigger in the hips and butt and would like to lose some inches there but am small in the arms and stomach and would like definition. I just started 3 days ago and am doing the classic program. Is this the right choice?
    I have really bad knees but have made it through polymetrics without a problem by modifying some of the steps. The strengthening of my quads and hamstrinsg defintely helps.
    I have also found that the breakfast is alot of food. I eat very clean regularly so the diet is not a problem but I find there is alot of food and I I am only comsuming 1500 cal. Is this ok?
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi Jen-
    You should be doing Classic or Lean. Remember, there is no way to “spot reduce,” but getting some definition up top should help even you out.

    Perfect on finding the modifications for plyometrics– just keep on modifying as you need to to get through the workouts, but every month or so give it a shot without the modifications– you should gain strenth every few weeks and you always want to be progressing to avoid plateau.

    As for the diet– if you read through these comments, you’ll see that I personally believe the lowest level of the P90X eating plan is far too high for most women trying to lose weight. Keep it at 1500, but keep the proportions the same- an easy way to do this is just to cut out a bar.

    Best of luck on your journey, we look forward to hearing about your successes!


  9. Thanks for responding so quickly!

    Do you think I should add running or cardio on the arm/shoulders/back days? I know I can’t spot reduce but my biggest self issue is my thighs and butt.

  10. No, don’t add anything on those days. Just make sure that you are using a weight that is heavy enough that it’s a struggle to get to those last reps, BUT ALSO is light enough that you are moving the whole time. (So, doing the full 12-16 reps where the last 3 are really tough, vs busting out 8 tough ones and resting for an equal amount of time.) If you are lifting heavy enough and not taking breaks between exercises, your heartrate should get up high enough for it to function as a circuit workout as well. The thighs and the butt are going to reduce only through overall fat burning (for which building upper body muscle is key.) You can also add more activities to your “Activities of Daily Life, ” including things like taking the stairs whenever possible, parking farther away from places, taking a short walk on your lunch break, pacing back and forth while talking on the phone vs. sitting, etc. But you shouldn’t add another “workout.”

    1. Beth: The nice thing about P90X is that they are both part of the same system. If your goal is to lose more fat and lean your frame, then P90X lean it is. Low weight, high rep! Push play and get going!

      If you want to grow those muscles and burn fat, go for P90X classic. You can also go low weight and high rep here as well, though this is more of a balanced cardio and strength workout. Either way, if you are on the diet plan, you will see results!


  11. Hi, I also was wondering which P90X program to use. Lean or Classic? I am 22 years old 5’7” and 130. I have a 10 month old daughter, I am wanting to loose a few pounds but most of all get tone/ build some muscle. Thank you

    1. Brittany: As with Beth, this is really up to you. Both workouts are like different paths up the same mountain. It all depends on what you like to do, and what kind of weights you are pushing. No matter what, you want to tone up, so low weights and high reps. Also, by following the P90X diet, you won’t end up bulking up. The calorie count isn’t high enough (the 1500+ fat burner) to get you huge. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for protein shakes and bars/drinks: I am a fan of having a recovery drink every day, but not protein shakes and bars. You should be tracking your food, and you should know how much protein vs. carbs vs. fat you are consuming. If you are low on protein for the day, sure, have a shake or a bar. Otherwise, get your protein from your regular meals. (Chicken, pork, lean beef, tofu…) I am not one for a “protein shake” for breakfast, as a standard protein shake isn’t a meal replacement.

      Now, a “Meal Replacement Shake” like Shakeology, sure, that is great. It has the proper balance of protein, carbs, fats, as well as minerals, vitamins, and some anti-oxydents. (Did I spell that right?) I DO NOT MEAN CRAPPY SUGAR FILLED SHAKES or DIET SHAKES.

      RECOVERY DRINKS: You NEED one! Not to toot the Beach Body horn, but The P90X recovery drink is great. I think it tastes like an Orange Julius. I also really like Endurox R4 recovery drink [Fruit Punch flavor]. As an after workout drink, you can’t go wrong with either. And you WILL feel a difference on a day you take one vs not taking one. I have one after every workout.

      Your container of Soy: Um. Yuck. ๐Ÿ™‚ Again, if you are having trouble getting your protein requirements, then use a protein supplement. If you can get your protein from other non processed sources, do it!

      Last but not least, get a good multi-vitamin. You will be beating your body up, so help it recover. Fuel it, rest it, work it, this way you don’t break it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You can track your meals for free on

      Hit us up with any other questions!

      If you find this post helpful and want to purchase P90X or any equipment from Beachbody, weโ€™d much appreciate if you use this link:

      If your Beach Body Coach isn’t helping you, be sure to tell Team Beach Body you want FitLifeSFRob as your coach! You then get the combined experience of Smurf and me.

  12. I was also wondering if you recomend protein shakes? I am new to protien bars/drinks. I bought a container of soy protein but I am affraid of bulking up too much or gaining any weight.

  13. I am just starting p90x and wanted to see what program I should do; classic or lean? I am 26 years old, 5’5″ and 155lbs. My goal is to lose 30lbs over time and wasn’t sure which program was the way to go. Do I need to start with cardio first to lose a little and then start p90x? Or will p90x work if i start right away? thanks!

  14. Hey, SFGirl! (Are we neighbors?)

    I would suggest you start with lean. What is your workout history like? Were you able to complete the fitness test to get your baseline? If you were able to get through the fitness test, you can start the program right away. Since you have more than twenty pounds to lose, it is crucial that you set your weights at an intensity where you are moving the entire program (you may see some of the folks in the video slam out 6 or 8 heavy reps and then chill for the rest of the time. Also, Tony does a good bit of chattering between sets– keep moving and aim to move from exercise to exercise without much downtime.)

    I would also suggest that you keep your calories at around 1500 vs the “lowest level” of the nutrition plan, which is about 1800 or so and too high for most “average” women looking to lose pounds primarily and “get ripped” secondarily. An easy way to do this is to eliminate one of the bars.

    If you get a month or two into the program and feel like you want to concentrate first on getting some lbs off and then on tackling P90X for toning, get back in touch. I can give you some tips on that, as that’s the approach I took after my initial 60 days of P90X.

  15. Thanks for your comments! As far as my workout history goes, I’ve been active my whole entire life (ie., sports, gym, running, etc.). I gained about 20lbs in college and have been pretty steady since. I was able to pass the fitness test no problem, but I guess my main concern was building muscle without losing the weight first? Or if P90x lean will help with both (toning, and losing weight). I guess I’m used to always doing cardio and am not that familiar with weights/toning.

    I’ll start the P90x lean tonight and check back in after 60 days. Thanks for your help!

  16. In a nutshell- if you are at a calorie deficit (as you should be when trying to burn fat), your main goal in doing the weight work is to retain the lean muscle mass that you have so that it can continue to fire your metabolism. You will need to burn through some fat in order to see many of the results of that wonderful muscle that you are conditioning, but you won’t- for example- pile on a bunch of muscle that will make you even bigger. It sounds like Lean is the way to go for you! Best of luck!

  17. I plan to start P90X on Monday, however my goals are slightly different than most people. Instead of attempting to loose weight and get cut, I am trying to put on weight.

    My plan is to modify the diet to include more calories, and much more protein, I also plan to eat 6 meals a day instead. Hopefully this works out for me, and I will post back here in a while with how its going.

  18. I am starting P90x Monday and have been researching alot but still confused. I am 30 5’5 and 128 pounds. I “try” and do my treadmill 3 days a week. I go up and down alot as I will be good some weeks not so good the next. I want to know if I should do lean or classic. I am defiantly not overweight but I feel chubby in certain areas and have some extra weight on my thighs, butt and stomach and would like to loose maybe 5-8 pounds and for once tone in my life tone up. My arms are a little flabby too. Will the toning up get rid of those extra pounds? Or do I have to do lean…I just feel that all the cardio in the world wont get me in shape like I want. I dont want bulk at all but I do want to be “tight”.



  19. First, I love love love your website…it’s so informative (and nice to be able to get male/female perspectives!)

    Since you seem like experts, I was wondering if you could help me with my P90x questions as well. I’m 26, a little under 5’4″, and 130 pounds. For the past few years I’ve maintained a weight around 125, but gained 5 during the past six months of grad school hell. Ideally, I would like to be 120. One of my guy friends raved about p90x, so I started it with the hopes of getting fit (and losing some weight in the process!) I’m doing the lean program (except using plyo instead of cardiox) and just about finished with week 4. While I understand there are differences between men and women, I can’t help but get super frustrated because I haven’t seen any physical change (i.e. same weight, no change in measurements, etc) whereas my guy friend was down almost 10lbs by this time. The only thing I have noticed is that I can do the exercises ..better? Like the first time I did plyo, I thought I was going to get sick halfway through it, but now I can complete the dvd without wanting to cry for my mom lol. I also track my caloric intake, but the recommended high protein diet was really difficult for me and my eating ended up being 50(carbs)/30(protein)/20(fat). One thing I noticed when I was tracking, however, was that I averaged 1200-1300 calories so I’ve upped my caloric intake to about 1500 the past week. Considering all this, my questions are:

    Was the calorie deficit too much, in turn inhibiting any progress? Though I’ve always thought less calories = more weight loss?
    Should I try the high protein diet?
    Would it be better to do a cardio intensive work (i.e. running) first to drop the weight then pick up on p90x again? Or should I just stick with it for another 30 days?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  20. Hi,

    Love your site, so much great info here. I have just completed 30 days of P90X Lean and have a few questions. I am a 31 year old female, 5’4″, 169#. Before I started Lean last month, I thought I wanted to do it to lose some major post-baby weight. My daughter is almost 2 so I’ve had this weight on for alot longer than I’d like. Then I looked back at my old weight charts and realized I was 170# before I got pregnant, so I’ve actually lost all of my baby weight but am MUCH more flabby. I used to really be into Pilates, spinning class, etc etc etc and was really excited about P90X.

    Like I said, I did Lean but subbed in Plyo for Yoga because my Yoga DVD is missing. I didn’t get on the scale for 30 days and today I did and saw that I’ve gained 5#. This had me in total shock and tears. I have been working like crazy this month and I actually feel fantastic and didn’t have any issues with the workouts… yes, they’re insane but I loved them. I’m not following the diet plan because I’m a vegetarian and I’m not sure what my options are.

    I guess my questions are… since I feel great, should I ignore the scale for now and keep up with the workouts? Should I stick with Lean? (I’ve been thinking of switching to Classic because I feel ready for heavier workouts.) AARRGGHGHGHHH, please help… I feel like I’ve had a stellar month and feel awesome, and then with just a few seconds on the scale today I’m questioning everything I’ve been doing for 30 days.

    Thanks ! ! !


  21. Sorry I didn’t catch this post!

    Number one: You NEED to get on an eating program to see results. If you don’t feel the P90X plan works for your situation as a veg, then just join a free site like TheDailyPlate or FitDay and start tracking your calories. Based on your age, height and weight, you should see a loss if you stay at 1600 calories and continue to do the workouts. You want to make sure you are getting at least 119 grams of protein per day as well (this is FAR less than what the P90X fat blaster program prescribes, so should be much more do-able for you.)

    If you feel ready to switch to Classic, by all means make the swap, just be sure you are getting the minimum protein you need to fuel muscle recovery.

    As for “should you look at the scale?” I think absolutely you should. I know others disagree with me, but it is the most objective way to tell if you have your “energy balance” right for fat loss. When we add exercise to our regime, it is SO easy to overcompensate on the calories we think we are burning. We pour the cereal for a few seconds longer, we add just a little more peanut butter to our toast, we take just a few more noodles every time we have pasta– we don’t even notice it, but before we know it we’ve totally equalized or, worse, flipped the energy equation. Weighing and measuring food is one way to make sure this isn’t happening, weighing and measuring your body is the other. It also bears mentioning that exercise has been proven to have more than just a physical effect, it also has a mental one. It improves mood, outlook and self esteem (all great things!) Unfortunately, what this can mean is that maybe we’re standing a little taller, looking at ourselves through different eyes, feeling great about ourselves and, thus, seeing some changes that might not really be there, the scale and the tape measure are two totally objective tests that won’t lie to ya.

    Hope that helps, and best of luck on your journey! Keep us updated on your progress!

  22. thanks so much for this post. i appreciate it so much! i’m now on recovery week (week 8) after a month of Lean & a month of Classic. gonna weigh & measure after this week and will post back to let you know what’s up. THANKS ! ! !

  23. i don’t know why my week number is showing as a smiley above… sorry. i mean, i’m smiling and all, but didn’t mean for it to do that.

  24. hey, im planning on starting p90x this summer but im kind of confused on which to do. classic or lean? im 17(male), 5’9″ and 174 lbs. i really want to cut down about 20 lbs. my arms are pretty big so im not too much into muscle building. my primary goal is to lose weight. and also, do you think i will be able to lose 20 lbs or so if i follow the nutrition guide exactly? and im planning on substituing one of those with plyo because i play basketball and would like bigger jumps. which is the best one to substitute it with? sorry, thats a lot of questions, but thanks so much! i really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am a BIG P90X fan, but if you are looking to work on your ups, and get lean quick for the season, I think you should start with a 60 day Insanity cycle. Once you go through that once, then hit P90X and crush it. That is the combinaiton I have been using lately. You can of course lose the weight with and you will get stornger and more fit, but, I have started to use Insanity because it is GREAT for fast twitch and cardio.

      I would not do plyo twice in a week as the combination of Plyo X and Legs and Back are Brutal. You really need the days in between to really recover.

      Also, if you follow the nutrition guide for any of these programs, you will lose weight. You may need to dial it in a bit (we all need to I think), but losing weight is pretty simple when you are aware of all the calories you are consuming.

      Be sure to get a recovery drink, be sure to take a good multi vitamin, and be sure to put aside the booze and soda for the workout cycle. I see my best returns when I am booze free. And 3 months of no hang-overs is nice too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. ok thanks! and also, do you think i could lose about 20 lbs by doing insanity alone? or would i also have to do p90x? and again, my primary goal is to lose weight because i believe that jumps, speed and quickness will all come with that since i have to carry less weight.(btw, i want to be a point guard) i am about 2 inches away from touching rim and i really want to try to dunk by the end of this summer. so i just really want to make sure that i can lose at least 20 lbs. this summer and im willing to do whichever program helps me achieve that. so please let me know whether i should do p90x or insanity depending upon my goals. thank you so much!

  26. oh ok. but do you think its possible to lose 20 lbs this summer for me? and from which one(insanity or p90x) would i get the best results? because my primary goal is to lose weight. im not concentrated on anything else right now because ive been hitting the gym to weightlift throughout this school year and i packed on a lot of muscle last summer. so my main goal this summer is to lose about 20 lbs. and im willing to stick to the nutrition plan and all, its just which one will help me lose the most weight, insanity or p90x? thanks!

  27. and also one more thing rob, about how many pounds do you think i could shed off from based on my height, weight and age? if you can, could you please give me an estimate for how much i would lose on average with p90x and with insanity? again, thank you so much for your help. this has really helped me. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. You can sustain weight if you are eating “to maintain weight.” I would do P90X Classic, and look to dial in your meal plan. That will be as big a part of your success as your dedication to acutually working out. There is a lot written about this topic on the other posts, you should check them out. (Guys “typically” can kick up their metabolism and be a little less dedicated to their diet, most women diet is even more important than the working out. No Matter what, if you want GREAT results you MUST be diligent with tracking your diet.)

      Once you read the meal plan, ping us with any questions you might have!

      If you find this post helpful and want to research/purchase P90X or the other programs I mentioned, weโ€™d much appreciate if you use this link:

      That will bring you into the program through our portal, and youโ€™ll be assigned Rob (and me, by proxy) as your coach so that we can keep on tracking your progress and helping you along.


  29. I did P90X last year . I was a 2 pack a day smoker . I quit 1 week before I started P90X…. I have to say it was the best decision of my life. I had GREAT results. But I didn’t get the lean Shredded look. After P90X I joined the local gym, did the usual workouts and cardio. I got some more mass but nothing like with P90X. I then got Insanity, but I was loosing too much weight . So I combined P90X and Insanity. I used the muscle building from P90X and the cardio from Insanity… I called it Insanity X…I made it into a 9 week course… It was good…. Now I am doing round 2 of P90X. But a rumor is going around the there will be a P90Next….is this true if so when will it be out ??? Thanks

    1. Yes, it is true. There are a few amazing follow up routines coming out. Tourbo Jam is being follwed with Turbo Fire, P90X is being followed with P90Next and there is even an Insanity follow up. (I am terrified of that one)

      If you are looking for new P90X like workouts, Tony has other series of “One on One’s with Tony Horton.” I have these, and they are GREAT to mix into a P90X style workout. They are evil, brutal and really effective.


  30. Hi – We have P90X and I love it. I am 5’4″ 115 lbs I don’t need to loose weight just want to tone up. What program is the best for this?

    1. P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, they are all great for getting tone. The real question is which one will keep you motivated. I like to lift weights and do plyometric style cardio. I am not a fan of cardio kick classes. So my 2 most frequent workouts are P90X, One on Ones, and Insanity.

      What style of training do you enjoy? What kind of instructors?

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  32. smurf
    i am thinking of getting the p90x as i am 238lbs and 5ft 11, and really out of shape, ihave two questions, 1. should i attempt this programme 2. if so which one

    1. The question to answer before you pick a workout, what do you like to do?

      Lift weights? Martial arts? Running? Soccer? Let us help so we can put you in a program you will enjoy.


  33. Hey i am currently doing the P90x workouts, Classic routine. I find myself building abit of muscle. I’m currently 240lbs and about 5″11. Im looking too drop to 205 so i can start training in MMA for Light heavy weight. i found that after a little awhile of doing this workout I’m putting on weight, although i know it takes muscle to burn more fat, i still have quite about of fat I’m wanting to shed. so basically i was wondering if i should be doing the Lean workouts or stick with the classic. i don’t really want to build the muscle just lose the fat and tighten up. Can you help me please? thanks.

  34. So I’m super stoked to try p90x out! But one problem.. I don’t have weights. Can I do this with out them? Well I normally don’t work out but this looks fun and like something I will stick to. It’ll be my challenge.

    1. P90X is a mix of cardio and resistance training. You do need some kind of resistance tool, either weights or work out bands. You can get either at any sporting goods store. (For less expensive weights, try play it again sports or craigslist.) You will need a pull up bar at some point, and I suggest getting a yoga mat too. The amount of resistance you need is dependent on your fitness/strength level. There are bands that go up to 75lbs + of resistance, and they are a pretty inexpensive solution when compared to buying a rack of dumb bells. (I own a rack with 5’s to 50’s. Not cheap. And takes up some space. The bowflex select tech are a good option if you have limited space, as well.)

      For the program to be most effective, you need:

      Weights/Resistance Bands
      Towel (Just to wipe down)
      Glass of water (you get thirsty)
      Pull up bar (unless you are using bands to simulate pull ups)
      Folding chair (or a chair you can work out with)
      Yoga mat


  35. Hey i am currently doing the P90x workouts, Classic routine. I find myself building abit of muscle. Iโ€™m currently 240lbs and about 5โ€ณ11. Im looking too drop to 205 so i can start training in MMA for Light heavy weight. i found that after a little awhile of doing this workout Iโ€™m putting on weight, although i know it takes muscle to burn more fat, i still have quite about of fat Iโ€™m wanting to shed. so basically i was wondering if i should be doing the Lean workouts or stick with the classic. i donโ€™t really want to build the muscle just lose the fat and tighten up. Can you help me please? thanks.

    1. Hey, this is Rob.

      First, the “big secret.” If you want to lose weight, you have to control your diet. (Ok, not a secret) This means, at the end of the day you need to be at a deficit. How you condition is another question. It doesn’t matter if you do P90X Classic or Lean, as long as you are burning those calories.

      Now, I REALLY like P90X, and I personally I use the workouts for adding size and strength. (And I also up my calorie intake at the same time) When I am trying to strip size, I use the Insanity workouts. (Insanity is my “lean” cycle twice a year.) When I do Insanity, I make sure my diet is in check, and I DON’T DRINK BOOZE AT ALL! Now, from one MMA fighter to another, Insanity is of of the CORE BLASTING workouts you want to do to improve your overall fight game.

      Also, you need to be fit enough to do Insanity, and finishihg a complete round of P90X is a great prep for it. Again, if you are trying to lose weight, you need to make sure you are not over-eating. Tracking your food is key, you need to be diligent, and you will see the weight loss.

      -Side Note: If you are doing P90X Classic and want to use the weights to help strip, go for max reps. This means you will be shooting for 12-15 per set. So lower your weight a bit to be able to hit those numbers. Slowly increase your weight as you get stronger, but keep trying to hit that 12-15 number. That last rep needs to be tough!

  36. Alright i got a few things to ask ya, I’m wanting to tone my body, Im 170lbs and I’m 6’2… What would be a good work out on p90x for me to do? And I was wondering if I should take some creatine to also help tone and not be so sore and tired the next day?

    1. Matt if you are eating enough, there is no real need for a bunch of suppliments. I think all you need to do is eat healthy, take a good multi-vitamin and use a recovery drink if you are pounding the hell out your body.

      If you are eating the proper mix of Carbs/Fats/Proteins (carbs to fuel, fats to keep your body going, and protein to build muscle), to add weight you need to eat more than you burn, but be careful your total calories. (You don’t want to go overboard)

      As for the workout, P90X Classic will be the way to go. Especially using max weights to your rep counts are between 6 to 8 reps. When you are able to hit the 8th rep of the 3rd set, it is time to up your weights.


  37. im about to start this program on april i am a soccer player for the high school team although, im not that fit little overweight but i can handle workouts no problem which is the best lean or classic

    1. I’m a soccer player as well, and P90X Classic is the way to go.

      Make sure you are eating right, get enough sleep, and don’t over do it. If you are playing soccer, or going to soccer practice, be sure to give yourself an extra rest day. If you start on a Monday, then drop either Plyometrics (Tuesday) or KenpoX (Saturday). soccer will be giving you enough cardio. DON’T skip the Yoga. You will need the stretching. ๐Ÿ™‚


  38. Hi- I’m starting my second round of p90x after putting weight on after the first round. I’m 35, 5’5 and 152 pounds. I’ve already lost 9 pounds and am just starting week 4 of the classic program. I’m wondering if I should switch to the lean program. I’m built like an athlete and am strong, but would like to lose another 10 pounds… I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. I guess it depends on how bored you are with P90X. I like mixing things up, and I have found that Shaun T’s INSANITY videos really helped me lose body fat and REALLY improved my core strength. Since investing in INSANITY and all the Tony Horton One on One videos I have note gone back to a traditional P90X cycle in some time. I prefer to put together multi week cycles using the different video sets. It keeps things interesting, and I can really target the muscle groups I feel I need to hit.

      Also, the follow up to P90X is soon to be released, and that may be another option for you in a few months.

      The big thing is doing something you enjoy, and will keep you coming back to hit play. After that, it is all about your diet. Dialing it in for the last few vanity pounds is very tough work. You have to be strict on your calorie counting, and you can’t cheat. I think losing the last 5 is harder than getting started in the first place. It take a TON of dedication. So, if you want to get rid of the last few LB’s (quick) dial it in for 9 weeks. Otherwise, maintain a deficit meal plan, and keep with P90X or INSANITY or the like. You will lose the weight slowly, but if your diet is maintained, you will eventually lose the weight you want to.

      At this point for you, it’s about what you eat. Even more than what you do. P90X got you fit, if you want to get leaner, it’s a healthy diet (with the proper deficit) and a good workout cycle. If you have the cash, give INSANITY a try. I think you will like the results.

  39. Hey, I am a 17 year old swimmer and I have always been fit. The thing is, I really want more definiton than just being lean. I don’t really want to lose or gain much weight because I think where I’m am is pretty solid, I am 5’9″ and 155 pounds. My goal going into college this year is to be right around the times to make NCAAs. I just bought p90x and am going to do it in afternoons or at night because I have swim practice every morning and I don’t want to kill myself before 10 in the morning. Any advice on how I can build the lean muscle I want without getting huge, as well as advice for my det plan(I pretty much eat whatever I want now because of swimming and my metabolism). Thanks!

  40. Hi! I’m a 21 year old and 160 lbs (female). In high school I was very active but once I got into college and got married I’m not really active anymore. Overall, I want to lose about 20 lbs. I’ve had the p90x dvds for a little while now but was confused on which program would work best for me.

  41. hello. so im a 23 yr old 5’0 girl, weighing 170 pounds. i’ve recently gained a lot of weight working night shifts and my eating habits are horrible. i want to ultimately weigh 130-140. i have the insanity and p90x. was wondering which one would suit me most to reach that goal. i want to be fit and healthy. but i still want to maintain my curves hence me being ok with 130-140 being as short as i am. pls let me know to ur earliest convenience. thanks!

    1. Jamie,

      There is a hybrid program for P90X and Insanity. It focuses on both Weight training and Cardio. But first. Please, work on getting your diet in check. That is biggest hurdle we all face. if you are not eating right, none of these programs are going to do you much good, as you will get discouraged quickly.

      focus on eating healthy. Drop some LB’s, then start a program!


  42. I’m 5’1 118lbs but my cardio is horrible. I’m looking to tone up. Is this a good choice? How about the insanity workouts?

    1. If your cardio is horrible today, then to over simplify, you need to get working on it. Insanity is almost all cardio. What isn’t cardio is body weight exercises, and Insanity will kick your butt. It isn’t easy, in any way shape of form. Also, if you do P90X, Insanity, or any other program, the results you get are what you put into it. If you dedicate yourself to eating right, training hard, and getting enough rest when, you will see amazing results. If you are not firing on all cylinders, well, you won’t see as good of results. There will be benefits, don’t get me wrong. You just won’t reach your full potential without dedication.

      And only you know if that is good enough for what you are tryign to achieve. ๐Ÿ™‚


  43. Hi I am 23 and weigh 210 lbs! My workout history is junk. I am not active and I am really wanting to lose weight. What p90x will help me??!!!

    1. A program like P90X would help if you could stick with it. It is a very good program, and the meal plan with it does work. (Unless you have a medical condition, then you need help from your doctor.)

      As I don’t know you, I am making an assumption here, but it is an educated one. Any program you start you need to be help accountable to or you won’t stick with it. As you mentioned your workout history is junk, what you need is a coach or mentor to keep you on the right path and keep you from being discouraged. While a workout at home program is great, you need to start with something (or someone) that teaches you the basics (Power 90 would be a better starting point for you or a good coach/workout buddy). More than working out, right now you need to get your calorie intake under control. I think that may be your biggest challenge, finding a workable meal plan, and sticking to it. (That is all of our biggest issues, don’t let anyone fool you)

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