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Insanity: Asylum Review [Core to Back] Workout 3

Well, I should have know something was up as soon as the video started.  Shaun T made it quite clear that there was no need for weights in this routine, and the yoga mat on the ground almost had me ready for a bit of  “Kindler, Gentler” workout.  Wow, was I wrong.  After a deceptively difficult warm up (I don’t want to give away the fun) you begin attacking your back and core for the next 35 minutes.  Even the stupid green giant rubber band that comes with the Asylum kit had me cursing.  (The thing has next to no resistance, and yet it beat my back into submission.)  This video is full of very tough combination and isometric moves which will have you in a flop sweat in a matter of minutes.  I was dripping again.  INSANE!

Have your Yoga Mat ready, a towel, and the stupid green resistance band.  Also, I did this workout barefoot and I felt I was in very good control the whole time.  (I tend to not wear shoes when using a yoga mat) 

Enjoy this one.  It is a keeper.

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