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Insanity: The Asylum Review [Speed and Agility] Workout 1

So, day 1 for me of Insanity: Asylum consisted of both the Fit Test and the Speed and Agility workout.  “Speed and Agility” is SO very different from what “Insanity” brought to the table.  Sure it is a brutal cardio workout, but you are forced to be mentally engaged the entire time.  Form and execution are just as important as powering through the workout, and this simple change makes the moves that much more effective and that much more brutal.  I completely expect to master the moves in time, but even with mastery the workout won’t become any easier.  (I just wont be fumbling around as much) 🙂

It is about a 45 minute workout, with about a 10 minute warm-up (lots of jumping rope) and a 3.5 minute cool down.  This left Shaun T more than enough time to kick my ass.  (for the math challenged that is 31.5 minutes of ass kicking)  This program is HEAVY on Agility Ladder work, so be prepared to use your brain and your body.  At the very end, just to spite me, Shaun says, “Hey, if you are tough enough, why not do it one more time.” (or something to that effect)  The sad part is, had I not done the Fitness Test earlier, my ego would have kicked in and I would have done it again.  (And that may have just killed me)

So, I give Speed and Agility  a double thumbs up.

Side Note: The Agility Ladder that comes with the program is pretty good.  It is lighter than ones I have used in the past, so you HAVE TO HAVE GOOD FORM.  (else it goes flying)  Also, the Jump Rope that BeachBody provided is pretty shoddy.  It will work, but I like a good weighted leather jump rope.  I use a leather Nike weighted speed rope.  NICE!  (and hurts a lot if you miss while barefoot)

If you would like to find more information on this or any Beach Body Product, please follow this link:

3 thoughts on “Insanity: The Asylum Review [Speed and Agility] Workout 1

  1. Thanks for the review. It is the first I have seen on Asylum. The question I cannot get answered is what if I do not have enough ceiling clearance to do the jump rope? Is that an essential part of the workout or can I just “simulate” jumping rope? thanks so much.

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