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There is a difference between getting fit, and staying healthy.

Lot of us spend our days sitting around and not being as active as we could (or should).   We then add rich and fatty foods to our sedentary lifestyle, and blam, we have a few to many extra lb’s.  This isn’t rocket science, and this is a story that we all can relate to.  (Medical conditions not being accounted for here)  So, what happens?  We get fat or, we do something about it.

All of us find motivation to get fit one way or the other.  Maybe it was someone mentioning that you looked bigger, maybe your favorite jeans didn’t fit, or maybe you look in the mirror one day are say enough is enough.  Whatever your reason to get fit, you need to look at a method/program to follow.  (Any Fitness Program will take dedication and laser focus to get great results.)  And this is different from staying or being healthy.

You can lead a less active lifestyle if you choose not to overeat.  This does not mean you can get by without some basic exercise.  Staying healthy means doing what you need to do to feel good, and live the life you want to live.  You don’t have to eat “organic” this or “natural” that, and you don’t have to join an extreme fitness gym.  You have to take accountability for your actions (or inaction), and not be a glutton.

To get fit, now there is a challenge.  I believe you must follow a meal plan (to the letter) and you must also increase your activity significantly.  It will be a ramp up to extreme fitness training, and it will be hard, but you will get through it, and you will be better off.  Home programs like P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Fire will give you great results if you follow them.  As will gym based programs, working with a personal trainer, or competitive sports/martial arts.  There are so many activity choices once you dial in your meal plan.

Me, I like my Beach Body videos.  I can throw together a 30,60, 90 day fitness program and get back to being lean and ripped.  I can target improving my cardio or just work to look better naked.  (Everyone wants that)  This isn’t the best way, it is my way, and a way which has been working for the last 5 years.  (Plus Soccer, Sambo, and other craziness)  The important thing for me is to stay active for several weeks while keeping my eating/drinking in check.

Once I am where I want to be fitness wise, well then the slow slide back to needing a fitness kick in the ass begins.  It is called maintenance mode.  Still not being a glutton, but having a lot more flexibility in my eating.  Many people call this time, “Staying Healthy.”  But even when “Staying Healthy” you may (probably will) gain weight, and need to kick it into high gear for a time.  And however long you need to kick it into high gear is decided on how far you are willing to let yourself slide.

My typical reset trigger: when I reach 201lbs, and it isn’t due to heavy salt or lots of drinking.  This is usually a day or 2 thing.  (Bloat) When that weight remains pretty consistent for a week or 2, I know it is time to get back down to 190-195.

Do you have a trigger?  Do you have a goal weight?  Are you happy with how you look right now?  Do you want to feel better?  What is your motivation?



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