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Beginning 2 Weeks of Clean Eating, Getting Enough Rest, and Working Out Right!

Sambo Tournament Sept 19 2014 Las Vegas cropWe have a Facebook Group going “Get Ripped with Rob” to track everyone who is interested in joining us.  Here are the basics:

On May 18th 2015, you need to take before pictures. You will probably need help, so take them at home or at FitFight.

  1. full body front
  2. full body side
  3. full body back

Wear something revealing. Yes. Revealing. You want to see the changes you are making, so don’t be shy. Also, you don’t have to share the pictures unless you want to. Your call.

I would like a group picture on Monday the 18th. So if you can make it into the 5:30PM INSANITY class, we can get a pic together!



  1. Say no to booze!
    1. For these 2 weeks, we are eliminating booze from our worlds. NO BOOZE!
  2. Reduce your sugar intake!
    1. Try to stay under 50 grams of sugar a day. To do this, you will be staying away from soda, fast foods, processed foods, desserts, etc. This is a 2 weeks reset. I am only drinking black coffee (no sugar), tea (no sugar, no milk) and water. You can do it! You should avoid “diet” drinks and say no to “sugar free” or zero calorie marketed products.
  3. If it comes in a box, don’t eat it. These 2 weeks should be full of fresh everything.
    1. Huge salads that are not drenched in dressing.
    2. Grilled foods.
    3. Tons of vegetables.
  4. You may think it is healthy, double check before you put it in you. Read the label.
  5. Track what you consume!
    1. Notebook. Phone notes. A food tracking app. Whatever works for you.

Example meals will be posted.


You need to make sure you are getting enough rest. Do your best to get at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep each night.

Your body will thank you!


Your workouts and daily activity will be the delta in your daily food intake.
Simply, what that means is, if you are extra active, you will need to fuel the machine.

We are not dieting, we are fueling, resting and functioning better.

    1. If you work out multiple times a week, do it consistently. If you want to train 3 days a week, find the time. If you want to train 4 days a week find the time. If life throws a curve at you, FIND THE TIME.
  2. Stretching is important
    1. At all our training sessions at FitFight we believe in a warm up stretch, and when possible, a cool down stretch. Take this time, it is for you. Enjoy it!
    1. Work out smart, work out hard and be safe. You have 2 weeks of crushing it, there is no reason to hold back. Sweat it out. Do your best!
  4. Listen to your body!
    1. If you need to modify a move, modify. If you are hurting, be sure to warm up longer.
    2. If you are tight. STRETCH!

If you have questions…ASK!!!!


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