Best Americano in (and around) Truckee, CA

Since moving to Truckee (Glenshire actuallyon January 15, 2017, I have been in search of the best place to get a quality Americano. Yes. I am spoiled with having lived in SF next to several amazing coffee shops. Also, and this is going to sound pretentious as hell, I have a pretty sophisticated palette that has been cultivated over years of drinking quality wine, cocktails and yes, coffee. 

Since moving, I have been to several local coffee shops or places with espresso machines. Have my list for best Americano (and it will continue to evolve) but as it stands, here is a list that ranges from Glenshire to Incline Village. 

  1. Dark Horse Coffee, Truckee – These guys roast their own beans and care. It shows. Great place, very good coffee. 
  2. Starbucks, Truckee – Yes it is Starbucks. Yes it is consistent. Yes it is the 2nd best in the area.
  3. Java Hut, Kings Beach – Eveything here changes with the barista making your drink, but they are consistently good. 
  4. Coffee Bar, Truckee- If you want a little piece of a NYC or SF new style coffee bar, this is the place to drop into. The Americano left me flat, but the food smelled and looked good. Needs more research. 
  5. Tough Beans, Truckee – Short hours as they close at 2pm. The Americano was not amazing. It was not the execution on the Americano, it was their choice of espresso. Just not a huge fan. Will drink it, won’t seek it. Side note, the owner (I think), is a super personable and nice guy. I really enjoyed talking to him. For that alone I’ll be back. 
  6. Glenshire General Store, Truckee – As my closest Americano source that isn’t my house, they are on the list. Again it is a situation of bean choice and not execution. But, for $2.00 beggers can’t be choosers. 
  7. i.v. Coffee Lab, Incline Village – When they first opened, I swear they could do no wrong. Great coffee, good service. I would regularly drive from Kings Beach to Incline for my coffee. My last trip, the Americano was not worth drinking. Not sure what hanged, but it was not good. Hopefully their mocha is still amazing. A bit scared after tasting the latest iteration of their Americano. 

More coming soon. 


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