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FitFight Training Center in SF has been closed for 17 Days

Well it is officially 17 days since we closed the door. (Last class was 3/31/2017)

  • It was time
  • It was necessary
  • It was the right thing to do

That being said, I am missing it. It does not make a ton of sense for that to be the case, as I have so much on my plate anyway. I have a family, I have a job where I am making an impact, and I am still constantly busy.

Things I miss:

  • My Students and Clients
  • Training and Teaching
  • Watching everyone improve

Things I don’t miss:

  • Not putting Emilia and Elinor to bed
  • Not giving FFSF enough attention
  • Seeing the product (my classes) and slowly degrade in quality
  • The money drain

Now that I am out of the maelstrom of small business ownership, and am just dealing with the last little details of closing out the space, I think I have a little of my objectivity back. Maybe. I am still constantly thinking of what I could have done to improve things, to make it better, to succeed. I keep forgetting that my metrics are off. I created FFSF to be a place where I could teach Sambo and build a community of like minded people. In that I succeeded. The FitFight Training Center evolution happened as a need to keep the Sambo gym afloat, and while I gave the space and students the attention they deserved, we began to thrive. It took a while for things to make a positive turn, but when they did, it was explosive.

Then I made a classic mistake, I overextended myself further. As soon as I saw a growing profit, I decided to expand the space. The opportunity arose, I’d be helping out our neighbors (The bike shop next door) and we could offer a new style of classes. Of course, I was already stretched thin, both financially and in regards to time, my family was being affected negatively by the time and resources I was putting into the gym, and I still felt I had to make it work.

Well, had I not expanded I’d have another $50K+ in the bank right now. That experiment failed miserably. (Live and learn) It seemed as soon as the expanded space was open, a year later it was closed. More damage done. The last year of FitFight was a full priority shift for me. It became me removing myself even further from the day to day at FFSF. As soon as I was no longer there, everything shifted, and not for the better. My coaches tried to keep things going, but it was not the same. FFSF was me. I was the product, I was the main draw, and I was gone. It sounds conceited, but it is true of a service that is based on an individuals knowledge, skill and charisma. Without me, it was different, and it showed. Classes were not taught “MY WAY,” class sizes started to shrink, upkeep of the gym was not up to my standards, and money got tight again.

With all of this, am I crazy enough to do it again? Probably, sometime down the road, on a much smaller scale. (at first)

I am pausing this side of me, the same way I paused theater, music and team sports. Prioritizing things in my life is a constant, and as long as I take care of the most important things, I should come out of this life doing pretty well.

Top 3 Priorities as of 4/17/2017:

  1. My Daughters
  2. Reduxio Success
  3. Everything else


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  1. after 5 years I finally got a steady job and can afford to come back. I used to train with you when you were at Cheeta s in Oakland. How\where can I learn Sambo. For me, this was a real system that I felt I could use in a real way.

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