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IMG_8748The idea is that there are a whole lot of websites out there that talk about being “fit” as this kind of assy, sterile pursuit. Well, we live in San Francisco, where the great food and cocktails are as compelling as the glorious outdoor spaces and “healthy living” influences. In fact, we think things like enjoying great food and cocktails are as important as making sure your nipples don’t bleed in your next marathon. It’s all about balance and finding the things that you feel passionately about.

Rob Terlizzi (Fitness, Martial Arts [SAMBO, Catch Wrestling and Mantis Kung Fu], Soccer, Volleyball, Specialty Diner, Cocktails, Wine, and of course…Karaoke )

Rob Terlizzi: Both a Certified INSANITY and P90X Trainer through BeachBody.
28 years of Martial Arts Training and Experience, Rob has spent the last 9 years exclusively training Sambo. (10 Years of Mantis Kung Fu, and several years cross training in various combat arts. (Aikido, JKD, Boxing, and BJJ)

Rob has traveled to Moscow (2013- Sambo70 and Boretz) and Alushta Ukraine (2009, 2011- SPARTAK Olympic Training Center, Crimea) to train with Igor Kurinnoy, who is a Merited Master of Sports in Sambo and is director of the sports school “Boretz” in Moscow.

Rob holds a “Gold/Challenge Sash” under Grand Master Kwon Chun in Mantis Kung Fu which he received in 1992.

Bronze Medal September 2014, NAGA NorCal, San Jose CA 180-190lb Masters (40+) NoGi

Gold Medal, September 2014, Mr. Olympia Sambo Tournament, Las Vegas NV 82Kg Masters

Silver Medal, March 2014, Arnold Classic Sambo Tournament, Columbus OH 90Kg Masters

Bronze Medal 2010 Navarro “Double Threat” Martial Arts Championship, Pacifica CA Jujitsu [Gi] Open Div.

Heather Hawkins (AKA Smurf) Is a NESTA-certified Personal Trainer and Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach. She’s also an ultramarathoner, a triathlete and a sometime-yogi. Her mission in life is to dispel the many myths that keep women, in particular, from reaching their fitness goals and will punch you in the face if she ever sees you with a pink dumbell.

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  1. Thanks Gilda! We try to keep it fun! 🙂

    Come up to SF and Karaoke with us sometime! We have mutual friends, so we should sing together. (DJ Purple is one of the peeps, and the San Francisco Karaoke Mafia is quite a large group!)

  2. I’m so glad I found this site! Thank you for cutting through the BS and presenting an honest approach to fitness. I have 60 pounds to lose and have been burning ~3000 calories per week with cardio and HIIT and lose and gain the same 10 pounds over and over. I’m going to use the more gentle approach mentioned and see how that does. : )

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