Beginning 2 Weeks of Clean Eating, Getting Enough Rest, and Working Out Right!

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Sambo Tournament Sept 19 2014 Las Vegas cropWe have a Facebook Group going “Get Ripped with Rob” to track everyone who is interested in joining us.  Here are the basics:

On May 18th 2015, you need to take before pictures. You will probably need help, so take them at home or at FitFight.

  1. full body front
  2. full body side
  3. full body back

Wear something revealing. Yes. Revealing. You want to see the changes you are making, so don’t be shy. Also, you don’t have to share the pictures unless you want to. Your call.

I would like a group picture on Monday the 18th. So if you can make it into the 5:30PM INSANITY class, we can get a pic together!



Free Yoga for a Cause in Glen Park

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One of my favorite “why didn’t I think of that!” local businesses, fitGLENfit (sister spot of fitBERNALfit), is offering a pretty cool promo in the coming weeks. In honor of Earth Day, they will be hosting five free yoga classes, and for each participant in the free classes, they will donate $15 to an environmental cause.

FitGLENFit is located in Glen Park at 666 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA 94131. Oh, and after your yoga, go say hi to Mark and crew at Rockit Swirl for some epic frogurt! (2810 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131.)

Check out the class line-up, looks like some awesome stuff:

  • Daniel Gorelick’s Morning Hatha Yoga at 9:30am on Friday April 11th will be the first free offering with donations being made to CUESA.
  • Katie Caughman’s Gentle Flow Yoga on Sunday, April 13th at 9am is dedicated to the SF Bicycle Coalition.
  • On Monday, April 21st, Dr. Eve Bernstein’s Lunchtime Yoga at 12pm noon will be supporting Plant SF.
  • Wednesday, April 23, Crystal Higgins will raise funds for Slide Ranch with her 6:30pm Yin Flow Yoga class.
  • Hatha Yoga with Diana Meltsner at 9:00 am on Monday, April 28th supports The Reuse People.

FitBERNALFit and FitGLENFit offer fitness for you and fun for your dog– that’s right, you can arrange for Fido, Fluffernutter or Fitzgerald to go on a romp around the ‘hood while you get your sweat on in a local, family-owned and green business.


One Tough Mudder is hard. Two in 2 days is crazy. Me, I’m Crazy

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So, how many of you have heard of this event called the Tough Mudder?  It is way more of an event more than it is a race as the mindset is to leave no one behind.  The course I did at NorthStar at Lake Tahoe was 11 miles long and riddled with brutal obstacles.  What?  An 11 mile obstacle course, built on a mountain, with a star above 4000ft above sea level?  Yeah, that was it.  This is just the generic promo, and I must say, it does not do the race justice.



The winner of the 2011 January to March FitLifeSF Challenge is Larry Anderson

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Our hats are off to Larry for kicking some serious butt during the 1st 90 days of the year. He lost over 20 lbs by controlling his diet, and adding some causal exercise to his day to day. The great thing is that, this is just the beginning. He is now ready to up the ante and add some real workouts to his routine.

Larry is now under 230 lbs and we will see him at 200 by the end of 2011! Awesome!


Runners- Relive your Cross Country Glory Days!

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So, I never ran cross country. I always considered myself “too cool,”  priding myself on being “not a TRACK person, but a FIELD person.” I famously walked across the finishline on a 200M because I firmly believed anything over 100M was strictly for the socially inept and, god forbid, I’d actually admit I belonged in that camp. Now, twenty years later, I don’t see a reason to go run unless it’s more than 8 miles, and I’ve since reconnected with those “cross country kids” on Facebook and realize they’re a pretty cool bunch.  So, what better chance to make amends than to rock an all-comers adult cross country challenge in Golden Gate Park?!

The Bay Area Track Club (BATC) is proud to announce the inaugural Bay Area Cross Challenge (BAXC). The BAXC is a unique opportunity for runners of all ability levels to compete alongside professional distance runners on a cross country course in the heart of San Francisco. The event is also aimed at establishing a professional cross country season in the United States to compliment the national and international offerings in January and February, namely the US Cross Country Championships and the World Cross Country Championships.

Check out this link for details. The event is Sunday, Jan 16 in Golden Gate Park.

Free Webinar with MV Nutrition

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Several years ago, just after I started running, I was digging myself into a ditch trying to lose weight and train “on my own.” After a stress fracture and monumental physical crash, I ended up at MV Nutrition, meeting with Manuel Villacorta, who came highly recommended from a few marathoners and triathletes I’ve known.  In fact, it was meeting with Manuel that inspired me to get the skills necessary to help people on their wellness journey, and many of his common-sense approaches are part of the message I promote to this day.

Manuel is hosting a FREE, hour-long webinar on Thursday, Jan 6, Noon-1PM PST, and I highly suggest you check it out if your goal this year is to lose weight for good.

FitLifeSF 2011 10 Week Fitness Challenge Begins Jan 3rd

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Hello Team FitLifeSF! Welcome to 2011, this year we will help each other start the year with a bang.  It is or 2nd annual FitLifeSF 10 Week Challenge.

Last year, we had some fantastic results, and our very own Smurf won!  (Believe me when I say she worked it hard.  I was so impressed!) (Last years results)

Here is the skinny for this years contest:
(Click: Read the Full Story)

Spontaneity can lead to fun fitness

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I met up with a buddy of mine today to catch up and shoot the shit.  During our conversation which touched on work, common friends, and general insanity, he mentioned he just joined an adult dodgeball league.  Let me repeat that, an ADULT DODGEBALL LEAGUE.  Bad assed!

He tells me it is run by the San Francisco Recreation Department, and will go for 10 weeks starting tonight.  It goes from 7:30-9:00 on Friday nights at the newly remodeled gymnasium about a mile from my house.  So, of course I had to look it up online.  Low and behold, it was not only NOT FULL, but it only cost $27.00.  You got it, $2.70 a week to run around like a kid and throw balls at people.  AWESOME.

Now here is the part that blew me away; I went to the Parks and Recreation website and was stunned.  They offer all sorts of great classes for kids through seniors.  Everything from art classes to fitness classes to sports to ballroom dancing to theatre.  Again…AWESOME.  And they do it cheap!  All you have to do is join the parks and recreation site (Free to join) and then start choosing places and classes.  You pay for the classes you want to take.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone in SF who is looking for something fun to do, to visit this site. 

Because of a conversation with a friend, tonight I was throwing balls at strangers and having a great time.  And the other people playing had as much fun as I did.  Good times.  Very good times.  (and rather spontaneous)

I wonder what I will try next?


Do something fun to motivate you to achieve

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Sometimes it is the wacky and odd that can help us achieve new goals. I happen to like challenges and contests with my friends… So, I have just started a new fitness challenge with 2 of my buddies. These guys are already “fit,” though we all want to see how fit/ripped we can get in the next 90 days. This ISN’T a P90X challenge. It is a “Get Fit” challenge. We all have to choose our plan of attack, we all have to watch our diets, and we all have to kick ass and take name. This time around both bragging rights AND a creepy pair of fleece SAMBO shorts are the prize.

Here is what we did to start:

Thursday July 1st we all took our measurements and did the first of 2 fitness tests. The following Tuesday (After the July 4th weekend) we did the more brutal of the fitness tests. (Test 1 = P90X Fitness Test. Test 2 = Insanity Fitness Test) I must say, we all did really well and are not making it easy for the final test. 

The 3 participants of this craziness are Aaron (Pound for pound, one tough SOB.  Aaron leaves it all on the floor every time.   He wants to add size and definition), Ben (One of the best fighters and most agile guys I have ever met.  He wants to lose some lb’s), and me (Rob.  I think it is time I got ripped!) We all have been training/fighting together for the last 3+ years, we are all friends, and we will workout together at least 2 times a week. The rest of the time we are all on our own.

The winner will be based on the following criteria:

  • Visual changes in physique
  • % Body Fat Lost/Gained
  • Initial weight compared to final weigh in
  • Improvements in both Fitness Test Results

The losers have to buy the winner the creepy fleece style SAMBO shorts, and have to live with the fact that we were bested.  (Oh, and none of us are competitive.  No way.  heh)

To me, this is not only fun, but a great way to keep several friends motivated.  In the end, we all really win with this kind of event!

Here are some really uncalled for pics for your amusement!


Smurf’s Officially Training for the SF Marathon (to help a great cause, too!)

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I’ve waited until about the halfway point in my training to announce this– Yes, I am making another go at the San Francisco Marathon! I’m all signed up and hope that July 25, 2010 will see me crossing the finishline without incident! Well, other than the requisite amount of “incident” involved in running 26.2 miles. 🙂 (more…)