It is about commitment and accountability

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8 years before after

I was asked by a friends husband how I changed my body so drastically over the last several years. Here is my reply:

The secret sauce is really suffering through the pain of changing habits. When you make the decision to dial it in and make a change you have to dial it all in. Being consistent with your training cycles, dialing in your food and removing empty calories from the equation. (Sugar, booze, etc.)

In my 20’s it was easy to stay lean, drink, eat whatever, and workout. In my 30’s, even playing more soccer and fighting, I became more sedentary in my day job and was weighed down by eating poorly. It wasn’t even that the food was bad. (Well some of it was) but it was way too much especially in combination with my alcohol intake going up significantly.

Looking back, I must have quadrupled my sugar intake from the time I was 25-35. (Cocktails, beer, processed foods, ice cream, etc.)

At 35 I started reducing all of it. When I wanted to really drop (unless I was super active, as in 8 hours of hardcore fight training a day) when I wanted to get lean it meant (and still means) low daily sugar intake. No booze. Lots of vegetables, lean but not fat free meats. Nothing processed or sold in a box. No fast food.

When I need to drop, I can dial it in for 2 weeks and drop 10 lbs with this system. When I need a major change, I go 30, 60 or 90 days. It is a commitment to doing it.

I also don’t let myself make excuses. The accountability to myself is key. Pushing aside the distractions and accomplishing the goal.

There is no silver bullet. There is only the decision and will to make the change.

Not going to lie, a good support structure does help. Especially in the beginning. Knowing answers can be had and even people to challenge is great for motivation.

This is a really long way to say, it isn’t easy. 😊 it is 100% doable. You just have to want to do it.

6 Day results for “Rob” during “Get Ripped With Rob”

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For the last week I have made an effort to stay below 50g of sugar a day, get 7-8 ours of sleep a night, eat healthy meals/snacks and keep it booze free.

  • My Monday 5/18 7:30AM weigh in was 196.4 lbs
  • My Saturday 5/23 9:00AM weigh in was 186.6 lbs

Does taking active control of your diet, workout schedule, and sleep schedule have an immediate effect?  For me it does!

This isn’t rocket science.  This is accountability, this is commitment, this is being able to follow through and achieve a goal. At the end of the day, unless you have something medically going on with you (thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, you are pregnant, cancer, etc.) you should be able to “dial it in” for 2 weeks. It may not be as fun as eating and drinking whatever you want, whenever you want, but it does allow you to reset.

At the end of the day, during your fitness journey, losing weight is the most difficult part of the process. You have to realize where your bad habits are, and work to break them. When you are at your goals, it is MUCH EASIER, as you have typically learned what good habits you need to embrace. Plus the act of maintaining is much easier than “Losing Weight,” or for that matter, significantly improving athletic performance. Maintaining means doing what you are used to.  Improving your fitness level takes you back to that commitment, follow through, and decision to achieve. That takes effort.

Anything worth doing usually does take effort.

You can do this!

Keep Kicking Ass!


Beginning 2 Weeks of Clean Eating, Getting Enough Rest, and Working Out Right!

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Sambo Tournament Sept 19 2014 Las Vegas cropWe have a Facebook Group going “Get Ripped with Rob” to track everyone who is interested in joining us.  Here are the basics:

On May 18th 2015, you need to take before pictures. You will probably need help, so take them at home or at FitFight.

  1. full body front
  2. full body side
  3. full body back

Wear something revealing. Yes. Revealing. You want to see the changes you are making, so don’t be shy. Also, you don’t have to share the pictures unless you want to. Your call.

I would like a group picture on Monday the 18th. So if you can make it into the 5:30PM INSANITY class, we can get a pic together!



Review: BeachBody Ultimate Reset (Rob’s View) Week 2 of 3

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BB Ultimate Reset Pic

This is a continuation of our progress. Started this week at 197lbs and I have been sticking to the diet, taking the supplements If weight loss is the end goal, I am achieving it. I don’t seem to be losing muscle mass, though I am failing occasionally mentally. This could be due to the fact that I have not completely stopped working out. (Though I have been dialing it back a bit, teaching classes more than training every day.) The mental stuff has been just weird moments of near senility/really stupid stuff.

Example: Today (Day 9) when I went to brush my teeth for some reason I reached for my contact solution instead of the tooth paste. Went so far as to pop the cap and turn it over, as if I was supposed to put it on my toothbrush. WTF?  Hope this is a one off occurrence.

Yeah, I am over this program. See my final thoughts below! (more…)

How do I get 50% off P90X Live Classes in SF? How do I get 50% off Sambo in SF? See Below

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It is a new year, and FitFight is now 90% operational!  (I’ll say 100% when I get the TV installed)  With the new year, there is brand new promotion for all FitFight Classes (Sambo, Boxing, P90X, and Shuia Chiao.  This does not include Lumen Fitness Classes)  This Program is available for all current students, and all new FitFight members.

You can get up to 50% off for 2 months.

How to get 10% off for one month:  Bring one new person to FitFight and have them sign up/pay for a monthly Program.

How to get 20% off for one month:  Bring two new people to FitFight and have them sign up/pay for a monthly Program.

How to get 30% off for one month:  Bring three new people to FitFight and have them sign up/pay for a monthly Program.

How to get 40% off for one month:  Bring four new people to FitFight and have them sign up/pay for a monthly Program.

How to get 50% off for two months:  Bring five new people to FitFight and have them sign up for/pay a monthly Program.

To qualify, the person MUST BE new to FitFight.  This program will run from January 1st to January 31st.

You will recieve 10-50% off (based on the number of new members you bring into the club) off your February Club Fees.  (and Possibly March if you bring in 5 members)  This does not stack with any other discounts.


See you at FitFight!

1586 Market Street, San Francisco CA, 94102



Who has 18.4 feet of Pull Up Bar Space? FITFIGHT INC!

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We just installed the Rogue P-4 Pull-Up Brackets, which have a 30″ Swing from the wall. We are going to put people through some SICK body work with this simple tool. HardCore P90X Live Classes! Be Prepared to SWEAT!

FitFight inc./Bay Area Combat Sambo 1586 Market Street, SF CA 94102

Come check us out!

Gotta Say that Asylum is a great travel workout

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I have done reviews of all the Insanity Asylum Workouts on the blog before, and I have now gotten a great feel for how good the workout is on the go.  I have been in Las Vegas for the last 3 days for my day job, and I was a week into a new Asylum cycle.  Instead of procrastinating and NOT working out, I packed a resistance band and my BeachBody workout ladder.  Each ~45 minute workout was practically made for a hotel room.  As long as you have even a small amount of space, you can get a great sweat going.  Today I am doing Relief, and the only thing I don’t have for this workout is my yoga mat.  (So, time to grab a hotel towel and use that instead.)

I’m just stoked as to how easy it is to get back on the workout wagon when you put your mind to it.

Keep pushing play!


P90X2 Plyocide Workout Review

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After documenting my workout on today, my post workout message was, “Not a bad plyo workout, but if I was Shaun T, I’d be PISSED!”

For a beginner/intermediate level plyo workout, P90X2 Plyocide is not a bad thing to do.  (If you really push yourself, it will be tough for intermediate/advanced people)  None of the moves are very high impact, and it will get you sweating and your heart rate up.  Though it DOES NOT COMPARE to any of the INSANITY workouts. Shaun T  (I question his shelf life with BeachBody at this point.  Just my feeling/opinion.  No fact.) is the Video King of Cardio Hell workouts in my book.  That guy kicks my ass with all his extreme fitness workouts.  (And yes, I know there are only so many way the human body moves but more than 1/2 of the Plyocide movements seemed to be “inspired” by techniques featured in INSANITY and ASYLUM.  I’m just say’n.)

Well, all that being said, Tony continues his love affair with his Beach Body stability ball and foam roller.  It’s fine.  I’d recommend doing your own warm up for this video.  By the time the warm up was complete, I was anything but warm, and I could have used more stretching.  They seem to be keeping the video times down, who knows, maybe people were complaining about the length of the videos.

As for the rest of the workout, it was fine.  Nothing earth shattering.  As I mentioned (and if you follow the blog you know), I have done INSANITY and ASYLUM.  I really like both programs, and this whole video was like one long Shaun T warm up.  It never really got out of first gear.

A personal issue I had with this video; I really don’t like his supporting cast in this one.  They try hard enough on camera, but really have no charisma and don’t play off of Tony well.  I will be replacing so I don’t have to see them, and get irked.  (AND because I want a real cardio workout once a week.  HELLO SHAUN T! Be seeing you next week on Tuesday.  Heh.)

If I were to give this one a grade, it would be a solid C.  Not bad, not good.  And if you know what you are doing you can do better yourself.

Screw that…The more I write this (think about it) the more I am convincing myself that it does not hold up to P90X.  It is more like an unfinished P90X+ workout, and all those were pretty mediocre.

So yeah, replace this one with a Shaun T INSANITY/ASYLUM workout.



If you find this post helpful and want to purchase P90X or any equipment from Beachbody, we’d much appreciate if you use this link:

If your Beach Body Coach isn’t helping you, be sure to tell Team Beach Body you want FitLifeSFRob as your coach! You then get the combined experience of Smurf and me.


There is a difference between getting fit, and staying healthy.

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Lot of us spend our days sitting around and not being as active as we could (or should).   We then add rich and fatty foods to our sedentary lifestyle, and blam, we have a few to many extra lb’s.  This isn’t rocket science, and this is a story that we all can relate to.  (Medical conditions not being accounted for here)  So, what happens?  We get fat or, we do something about it.

All of us find motivation to get fit one way or the other.  Maybe it was someone mentioning that you looked bigger, maybe your favorite jeans didn’t fit, or maybe you look in the mirror one day are say enough is enough.  Whatever your reason to get fit, you need to look at a method/program to follow.  (Any Fitness Program will take dedication and laser focus to get great results.)  And this is different from staying or being healthy.

You can lead a less active lifestyle if you choose not to overeat.  This does not mean you can get by without some basic exercise.  Staying healthy means doing what you need to do to feel good, and live the life you want to live.  You don’t have to eat “organic” this or “natural” that, and you don’t have to join an extreme fitness gym.  You have to take accountability for your actions (or inaction), and not be a glutton.

To get fit, now there is a challenge.  I believe you must follow a meal plan (to the letter) and you must also increase your activity significantly.  It will be a ramp up to extreme fitness training, and it will be hard, but you will get through it, and you will be better off.  Home programs like P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Fire will give you great results if you follow them.  As will gym based programs, working with a personal trainer, or competitive sports/martial arts.  There are so many activity choices once you dial in your meal plan.

Me, I like my Beach Body videos.  I can throw together a 30,60, 90 day fitness program and get back to being lean and ripped.  I can target improving my cardio or just work to look better naked.  (Everyone wants that)  This isn’t the best way, it is my way, and a way which has been working for the last 5 years.  (Plus Soccer, Sambo, and other craziness)  The important thing for me is to stay active for several weeks while keeping my eating/drinking in check.

Once I am where I want to be fitness wise, well then the slow slide back to needing a fitness kick in the ass begins.  It is called maintenance mode.  Still not being a glutton, but having a lot more flexibility in my eating.  Many people call this time, “Staying Healthy.”  But even when “Staying Healthy” you may (probably will) gain weight, and need to kick it into high gear for a time.  And however long you need to kick it into high gear is decided on how far you are willing to let yourself slide.

My typical reset trigger: when I reach 201lbs, and it isn’t due to heavy salt or lots of drinking.  This is usually a day or 2 thing.  (Bloat) When that weight remains pretty consistent for a week or 2, I know it is time to get back down to 190-195.

Do you have a trigger?  Do you have a goal weight?  Are you happy with how you look right now?  Do you want to feel better?  What is your motivation?



Insanity: The Asylum Review [Game Day] Workout 11

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So, after 2 weeks of Asylum, Shaun T brings us the Game Day Workout.  An assortment of sports influenced moves using the agility ladder, free space moves and a pull-up bar.  This 60 minute workout was pretty brutal, and next time I’ll have the moves down more…But…I didn’t feel it was as good as it could have been and I was not thrilled by the flow of the whole workout.  (Again, it may have been my lack of familiarity with some of the moves)

Even with what I said above, I was dripping by the end.  (it began with a 5 minute interval run, some stretching, then BAM, non stop moving from game to game)

If you would like to find more information on this or any Beach Body Product, please follow this link: