All resistance bands are not alike

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Performax Bands

There are a lot of fitness bands out there and I have tried a pretty good number of them. I have purchased various tubular bands from BeachBody, SPRI, SKLZ, LifeLine, Harbringer, and others. I have even tried sports bungee cords (that one hurt, I’ll explain later) Of all the resistance bands I have used, I really like the Performax bands. These are multi-layered flat latex loop bands available in a wide variety of resistances. (from a few lbs to a few hundred lbs) These bands have held up exceptionally well at my gym (FitFight) where we really do put them through the paces.

Taking into account the high quality and reasonable price of the band, the loop band does everything a tube band can do and more. We use the loop bands for almost every movement that can be done with barbells/dumb bells, we attach them to kettle bells to change the resistance vector when we do kettle swings, we use them as a pull up assist, we use them for fight training, and much more.

If you are looking for a resistance band, give serious thought to purchasing these bands or something similar. The variety of exercise and convenience of the bands make for an exceptional experience. Using these bands or similar will take your workout to the next level in almost any sports discipline.

Use the comment section to ask any question you may have.


Free Yoga for a Cause in Glen Park

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One of my favorite “why didn’t I think of that!” local businesses, fitGLENfit (sister spot of fitBERNALfit), is offering a pretty cool promo in the coming weeks. In honor of Earth Day, they will be hosting five free yoga classes, and for each participant in the free classes, they will donate $15 to an environmental cause.

FitGLENFit is located in Glen Park at 666 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA 94131. Oh, and after your yoga, go say hi to Mark and crew at Rockit Swirl for some epic frogurt! (2810 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131.)

Check out the class line-up, looks like some awesome stuff:

  • Daniel Gorelick’s Morning Hatha Yoga at 9:30am on Friday April 11th will be the first free offering with donations being made to CUESA.
  • Katie Caughman’s Gentle Flow Yoga on Sunday, April 13th at 9am is dedicated to the SF Bicycle Coalition.
  • On Monday, April 21st, Dr. Eve Bernstein’s Lunchtime Yoga at 12pm noon will be supporting Plant SF.
  • Wednesday, April 23, Crystal Higgins will raise funds for Slide Ranch with her 6:30pm Yin Flow Yoga class.
  • Hatha Yoga with Diana Meltsner at 9:00 am on Monday, April 28th supports The Reuse People.

FitBERNALFit and FitGLENFit offer fitness for you and fun for your dog– that’s right, you can arrange for Fido, Fluffernutter or Fitzgerald to go on a romp around the ‘hood while you get your sweat on in a local, family-owned and green business.


Fitness, Family and Firsts

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After her first yoga class, Emilia asks, "What the fresh hell was THAT happy horse-shoot?"
After her first yoga class, Emilia asks, “What the fresh hell was THAT happy horse-shoot?”

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m participating in a program with Target in support of its C9 by Champion activewear line. (I’m wearing my C9 yoga pants as I type this- love that you can get them in various lengths for us leggy broads. Yay!) Today’s topic: Fitness and Family. Read on to find out how you can win a $25 Target gift card!

So, how has family influenced me to be fit and how do I share fitness with my family? Wow… This is a three-parter for me, I guess, so let’s welcome the ghosts of Smurf past, present and future.

I’ve mentioned before than my mom is the person I credit as my fitness role model. When I was younger, I actually thought she and Jane Fonda were close personal friends in real life. She also helped instill a sense of adventure in eating and cooking which I feel is imperative on the journey to health. (So often, people write me here on the blog and say, “I want to lose weight/be healthy, but I hate vegetables. What should I do?” The answer nobody wants to hear is, “Well, you need to find a way to learn to love ‘em!” Having an adventurous palate and “f*&k it, what’s the worst that could happen?” attitude in the kitchen is the way to do that. But, I digress…) My tendencies as a kid were more book-wormish, but she was that mom who would see us getting pale in the face and down in the mouth and lock us out of the house until sundown. Fast forward 40 years and my mom is running marathons (she recently completed the Tahoe Trifecta) and, really, putting me to shame. I can’t wait for me, her and Emilia to do a three-generation run!

Present-day, my husband and I are equally driven by our fitness pursuits. We did a Tough Mudder together when I was 20-something weeks pregnant. (To be fair, he did the true Mudder, I “just” ran alongside over 11 miles and 4000 or so feet elevation because I’m not sure fetuses cotton to electrocution.) We understand that making the time to stay fit isn’t a luxury; it’s core to who we are. Sure, we are experiencing some growing pains as we figure out how the new baby affects, mainly, my ability to keep up with fitness goals- after all, I can’t simply disconnect for multiple hours at a time, because I’m not just a parent, I’m also the milk truck- but we know that finding a solution is not optional.

As Emilia grows, both Rob and I look forward to sharing our love of a fit life with her. He can’t wait to teach her how to pound skulls and cause grievous bodily harm; I look forward to taking her on stroller runs in the near-term (her current mile PR is 10:42) and showing her the breadth of activities I’ve had a passion for over the years- running, cheer, dance, yoga, etc. It’s especially important to me that we share with her both the mental and physical benefits of being fit, since there’s a pretty good chance she’ll inherit at least a bit of our less-savory traits- From me, that means depression and anxiety and from Rob it’s an endearing dose of (not so) bottled rage.

On that note, I took her for her first yoga class yesterday. Sure, it was mostly singing “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and making kissy boo-boo faces, but it was an utter fail. Ms. Emilia Toes was way more interested in checking out the pretty purple flowers outside the studio window than doing “Rolly-Polly Bug Pose,” and then she decided it was time to eat. I’d like to think it’s because she’d really hoped the class would involve more arm balances and inversions, but even if it’s just because she prefers flowers and lunch to yoga, that’s fine with me- I’m just happy she tried.

 Post in the comments about how your family has inspired you to be fit and/or how you share your fit lifestyle with friends and family, and I’ll select one commenter at random to receive a $25 Target gift card so you, too, can have a pair of yoga pants that cover your ankles (or don’t cover your toes, depending on your individual situation.)

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.


Spontaneity can lead to fun fitness

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I met up with a buddy of mine today to catch up and shoot the shit.  During our conversation which touched on work, common friends, and general insanity, he mentioned he just joined an adult dodgeball league.  Let me repeat that, an ADULT DODGEBALL LEAGUE.  Bad assed!

He tells me it is run by the San Francisco Recreation Department, and will go for 10 weeks starting tonight.  It goes from 7:30-9:00 on Friday nights at the newly remodeled gymnasium about a mile from my house.  So, of course I had to look it up online.  Low and behold, it was not only NOT FULL, but it only cost $27.00.  You got it, $2.70 a week to run around like a kid and throw balls at people.  AWESOME.

Now here is the part that blew me away; I went to the Parks and Recreation website and was stunned.  They offer all sorts of great classes for kids through seniors.  Everything from art classes to fitness classes to sports to ballroom dancing to theatre.  Again…AWESOME.  And they do it cheap!  All you have to do is join the parks and recreation site (Free to join) and then start choosing places and classes.  You pay for the classes you want to take.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone in SF who is looking for something fun to do, to visit this site. 

Because of a conversation with a friend, tonight I was throwing balls at strangers and having a great time.  And the other people playing had as much fun as I did.  Good times.  Very good times.  (and rather spontaneous)

I wonder what I will try next?


Men and Women trying to lose weight, listen up! You are not alone.

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You are reading this because you are one of the normal people who wants to get more fit.  I say “get more fit,” because some people want to lose weight, some want to add definition, and some of you want to put on muscle mass.  All of you want to improve your fitness level, and are looking for that “magical something” to make it happen.

Well, here’s the secret.  99% of you already have what it takes to get more fit.  You are reading this, and this shows me you have the desire to make a change.  Now we have to make that desire an action, then a habit.  (more…)

Yoga Event in SF Wednesday Night December 16th

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WHAT: Come celebrate the partnership between Manduka and Lululemon with a complimentary yoga flow class taught by the founder of Manduka, Peter
Sterios. It will be a strong and invigorating evening filled with Peter’s guidance and teachings to help you get a jumpstart for the holiday season!

WHO:   Lululemon Athletic and Manduka

WHEN: Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
             7:30 –  8:30 PM

WHERE: Lululemon Athletica (Cow Hollow)
              1981 Union Street (between Laguna and Buchanan)
              San Francisco CA 94123

Any FitLifeSF peeps who go, please send us feedback or comment on this post!



If you have a bad bruise or muscle aches: Ho family Dit Da Jow (a real life review)

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My hat is off the the people at Plum Dragon herbs!  They are life savers!

I have been training in martial arts since I was 14 years old.  (WOW, that means it has been 21 years.  Insane.)  At some point I was introduced to Dit Da Jow, and I learned that if you get the right recipe, this stuff really works.  Most of the time I would receive bottles from friends who had their “family” recipe batches, and they would keep me pretty well stocked.  (A little goes a long way)  So picture this, I am getting ready to leave for the most intense training trip I have ever been on, and I AM OUT OF JOW!  So, what to do? (more…)

The Yoga of Running

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I’ve been back at Bikram a few times a week for about 3 weeks now, due to my stress fracture. I used to do Bikram 4+ times per week for nearly a year at a stretch. It used to always be a constant struggle against the clock. “Can I make it through the 90 minutes?” Often, the answer was “no,” and I’d sneak out early. Not always from heat but often from boredom. (more…)

Fitness Hygiene: When Death is Preferable to Smelling Your Funk, It’s Time to Reassess

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I conquered my second day of recovery Bikram last night. While I was victorious over the physical challenges, I continue to be astounded by the severity of the hygiene FAILS in the room. Last night, I sprayed the top of my towel with some Egyptian Cotton linen spray, so at least during the face-down postures, I smelled that instead of the vinegary twang of unwashed feet. Still, though, I left the studio with my stomach somewhere firmly between my uvula and esophagus, wishing for all the world that our shower had a steam-clean and sand-blast attachment. (more…)