I Failed at Natural Birth

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  I failed at having a natural birth. This is a thought that’s entered my mind in one way or another every day for the past 11 months when I look at my awesome, loveable, healthy and exuberant daughter. Yesterday, I read this recent blog on Runner’s World as I do most birth stories, like […]

Review: BeachBody Ultimate Reset (Rob’s View) Week 2 of 3

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NOT AN AD!!!! This is a continuation of our progress. Started this week at 197lbs and I have been sticking to the diet, taking the supplements If weight loss is the end goal, I am achieving it. I don’t seem to be losing muscle mass, though I am failing occasionally mentally. This could be due […]

Review: BeachBody Ultimate Reset (Rob’s View) Week 1 of 3

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Smurf and I began the BB Ultimate Reset on January 20th, and this will be a list of my notes/thoughts/results as the process goes. Also, I have a bit of an advantage as Smurf is an amazing cook, and has been doing my meals for me. (For the most part) Both heather and I are still working out as well.