Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014
Review: BeachBody Ultimate Reset (Rob’s View) Week 2 of 3 BodyBugg Review: Novel Gizmo with Notable Flaws Women: Not Losing Weight on P90X? P90X Dinner Ideas- Week One! Women and P90X: What Can a Woman Expect?
Review: BeachBody Ultimate Reset (Rob’s View) Week 2 of 3 NOT AN AD!!!! BB Ultimate Reset Pic This is a continuation of our progress. Started this week at 197lbs and I have been sticking to the diet, taking the supplements If weight loss is the end goal, I am achieving it. I don’t seem to be losing muscle mass, though I am failing occasionally mentally. This could be due to the fact that I have not completely stopped working out. (Though I have been dialing it back a bit, teaching classes more than training every day.) The mental stuff has been just weird moments of near senility/really stupid stuff. Example: Today (Day 9) when I went to brush my teeth for some reason I reached for my contact solution instead of the tooth paste. Went so far as to pop the cap and turn it over, as if I was supposed to put it on my toothbrush. WTF?  Hope this is a one off occurrence. Yeah, I am over this program. See my final thoughts below!
BodyBugg Review: Novel Gizmo with Notable Flaws I’ve had the BodyBugg for about 12 weeks now, and have been sitting on my review for a while because I don’t want to discount the fact that several people on the BodyBugg message boards swear this thing saved their lives… But, in my twelve-weeks experience with it, it’s my conclusion that, for the price, the Bugg is a “neat to have,” not a “need to have.” Even then, it’s a novelty that wears off quick.
Women: Not Losing Weight on P90X? After seeing all the discussion on our previous thread P90X: What Can a Woman Expect?, I thought it would be useful to pull some of the tips out into a separate thread. The number one complaint seems to be that women aren’t losing significant amounts of weight on P90X. Let’s be clear: P90X is not a weightloss program. It is marketed as “Extreme Home Fitness,” not “Extreme Home Weightloss.”  The people in the ads are going from “a little loose in the cage” to supremely ripped, not from “overweight” to “ripped” so step one is:
P90X Dinner Ideas- Week One! I’ll admit, this first week of the P90X Cycle,  it’s not the workouts that have been eating up the time, it’s the mealprep and planning.  We’ll cover the workouts we did this past week in another post, but I figured I couldn’t be the only one struggling with meal ideas on this plan- especially since we didn’t want to follow the “menu plan” included in the Nutrition Guide and opted instead for the portion approach. Ps. I’ve been Twittering the food photos as-they-happen on my @smurfcore account and, whenever I get around to it, on @FitLifeSF as well.  Please, do follow us and tell a friend!  (Also, this is why the photos are more utilitarian than food porn.)
Women and P90X: What Can a Woman Expect?

Judging by the number of women coming to this site searching for a female-centric review of P90X , there are a lot of questions:“Can a woman do P90X?Is P90X effective for women? What kinds of success can women have with P90X?”Given that I recently completed 90 days and have been a woman most of my life, I thought I would weigh in on this one. (Multiple highhats!)

You are invited to our Grand Opening Celebration!

It is official, the doors did open on 10/1/2012 for our new combat and fitness school. So, we are going to take some time and celebrate. Come on in, check out the new space, and have a pint or 2 on us.

We may even toss a few people around for your entertainment. :)

Come in, leave your shoes by the door, and help up break in Bay Area Combat Sambo’s new home!

1586 Market Street, San Francisco CA, 94102
(415) 854-0166

P90X Live Classes!

P90X Live Classes taught 5 days a week at FitFight/Bay Area Combat Sambo at 1586 market Street in  San Francisco.

P90X Certified Instructor Rob Terlizzi will be teaching classes Monday – Friday from 5:15pm to 6:15pm!

Use the code: “newstart” to apply a 25% off discount!


One Tough Mudder is hard. Two in 2 days is crazy. Me, I’m Crazy

So, how many of you have heard of this event called the Tough Mudder?  It is way more of an event more than it is a race as the mindset is to leave no one behind.  The course I did at NorthStar at Lake Tahoe was 11 miles long and riddled with brutal obstacles.  What?  An 11 mile obstacle course, built on a mountain, with a star above 4000ft above sea level?  Yeah, that was it.  This is just the generic promo, and I must say, it does not do the race justice.


FitFight Inc. is a reality, and Bay Area Combat Sambo has a new home

Stay tuned for the newest evolution of FitLifeSF. We have a new location, 2000 sq ft of kick ass fitness space, which has 1000 sq ft of competition Judo Mat! After the grand opening, we will be offering P90X group classes, Sambo, and general fitness classes!

We are located in the heart of San Francisco, 4 blocks from BART, 1 block from MUNI, and right off multiple bus lines. If you are local, there is NO EXCUSE to join us, and get your training on!

Wall Street Journal Must Read Article

This is just more proof about the BS in the “Diet” industry. Eat healthy, eat smart and you will do yourself a great deal of good.

When things go off the rails… TriStyle

I’ll post more later on where my head is at heading into my goal race of the season, but if you want a peek inside, this triathlete preparing for Escape from Alcatraz next week could pretty much be my twin. Only it’s not my neck that looks all busted up like that, if ya kno whud I mean.


FITNESS is more than Diet and Exercise, it is about how you live

This may be the first in a series of overly preachy posts.  :)  I just put this on our Facebook Page.

“Fitness is not always about working out. I was just talking to a friend of mine about a pretty tough situation. And it got me thinking. (Yeah Scary)

So, his friend who is married and has kids, is in a bit of a tough spot. Due to the economy, or depression, or some combination of things, he is having a real tough time with his business. (He sells insurance) Well, as his income has diminished (a fact it seems he has been keeping from his wife) he has become more and more panicked. To the point of putting on weight (to be expected), getting very depressed (to be expected) and not seeing a way out of his situation.

This has me thinking about “us,” our community of friends and close acquaintances. We really need to make sure we are supporting each other as many ways as possible. We need to be there to give a hand when necessary, or help direct them down a better path.

BeachBody Ultimate Reset

It’s time to get your eating back in order, and your life back on track. Sometimes we need a reset before we can start making headway. THIS IS YOUR RESET! Not a fad, not some internet mumbo jumbo. A science based diet/health reset to get you ready to take on the challenge of meeting your fitness goals.

(My words, not the some companies!)

You can find more info at:

I may be the only P90X Certified Trainer in San Francisco right now.

I have googled other people, but nothing comes up. Oh Well.

I finished the course and took the test today. I kicked ass! I am here to help you people! Drop me a note here on on Facebook!


FitLifeSF Rob is P90X Qualified, and after this weekend will be P90X Certified




That’s right people, I have already passed the first BeachBody P90X test, and after attending this weekends 2 day seminar (and my last 5 years of personally using P90X) I will be able to officially RUN P90X classes at my martial arts school!  Can you was AWESOME!

Still using BeachBody products, still seeing results, still kicking ass and still pushing play!