P90X2 X2 Recovery + Mobility Workout

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For me, this was a much needed workout, and YES, I did feel way better after. (Tuesday I did the plyo workout and then trained Sambo.  I was pretty beat up)  Ft the very end of this recovery workout there are some unnecessary moves, but all in all, a very good video to do. (especially if you know how to use a foam roller)

As you can tell, Tony’s love for the foam roller has deepend almost to obsession at this point.  And I must say, even though we have 2 foam rollers here at FitLifeSF HQ, I need to get the sick evil looking foam roller.  My standard density white foam rollers are not doing it for me.  I need more pain.  (But that is me)

I like how Tony takes the extra time to rehab, and condition the body this time through.  It will be a big win down the line, and even though he had a stretching/recovery workout in P90X, the use of the roller here is a big win.  Where this video fails a bit is the lack of specific instruction.  There are a lot more ways to use the roller than he is showing, and a lot more effective techniques.  It is a good introto using the roller, but you will very quickly want more. (For a beginner it would be nice to know “what not to do.” )

It’s is a well placed workout in the program, especially if you are doing more than just the P90X2 workouts.  It will definately add to your durability, and help you to keep “Bringing It” for the weeks to come.  Thumbs up.

My grade for this one is a B+


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Men and Women trying to lose weight, listen up! You are not alone.

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You are reading this because you are one of the normal people who wants to get more fit.  I say “get more fit,” because some people want to lose weight, some want to add definition, and some of you want to put on muscle mass.  All of you want to improve your fitness level, and are looking for that “magical something” to make it happen.

Well, here’s the secret.  99% of you already have what it takes to get more fit.  You are reading this, and this shows me you have the desire to make a change.  Now we have to make that desire an action, then a habit.  (more…)

It has been one of those P90X years

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Tis the season and all that jazz.  Well, it has almost been a year to the day from when I took my 1st P90X pics, and I thought I would share them with everyone. (Sure, a bit creepy, but how else can you show change.)

So, this is me after 1 year of the P90X, P90X+, and a few other stylized work outs.  (NO Changes in eating habits!)


Funky Door Yoga: Review

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Funky Door Yoga

1336 Polk @ Pine


My favorite Yelp review on Funky Door Yoga went something like this, “Funky is the smell of the dude’s sweaty ass next to you and Door is where you’ll want to stand so you don’t pass out from the heat.”

Funky Door has two locations in San Francisco and one in Berkeley. I took classes at the one on Polk Street occasionally, but I was a regular for about a year at the one on 2nd and Howard, but it has closed. There is only one thing more awesome than sweating your ass off in 117 degree heat, and that is doing it in a swimsuit with your leg in the air five feet from a wall of windows overlooking the sidewal where all your coworkers are walking to BART.

I’ll start by saying that I am kind of torn on Bikram Yoga as a whole. For starters, I have a big issue with the cultishness. First, this guy Bikram Choudhury decides he is going to try to trademark yoga poses and basically say you need to pay him a license to do poses that have existed for thousands of years in a room above a certain temperature? What a crock of shit. Then, when you get into it, you realize that Bikram people are ONLY Bikram people, whereas most practitioners of other styles of yoga switch between them. And, to keep your instructor status, you have to do 2 classes a day (3 hours total). And, there is a secret-ish invite-only advanced class that only special people can go to. It’s kind of Scientology-esque in some ways- like you need to get to a certain point before they let you in on their secrets.

The classes are pretty mind-numbing. 26 poses, done in the same order, to the exact same instructor script, every single class with no music. “Your body is like a Japanese ham sandwich!”

Specific to Funky Door Yoga (which, to be fair, is the only place I’ve ever done Bikram), the instructors can be very combative with students, essentially cajoling them into doing poses even after the student has explained that they have a health problem keeping them from doing it. The only time I have heard a teacher accept that a student couldn’t do something was when I was practicing with a fractured arm. As a student, it was uncomfortable to be in the room while some teachers were calling out students and berating them.

The information you find on the internet will tell you that Bikram Yoga is done in a 105 degree room. The instructors at Funky Door, apparently, believe that more is more. An instructor once brought a thermometer into the room and we got up to 117 degrees. Funky Door is somewhat notorious for packing students into the rooms, mat-over-mat, so prepare to get dripped on and have your space invaded.

Funky Door has an introductory offer that is appealing, but keep in mind that classes after that are about $16 each.

Despite all the negatives, though, I really enjoyed doing Bikram at Funky Door when I was injured and couldn’t do “real yoga.” (Bikram has no poses that involve bearing weight on the arms, like Down Dog or Crow, so it was a godsend when I had a broken arm.) It also gave me quite a glow for several hours afterwards and a general feeling of calm and health. But, MAN, getting though those classes was an exercise in mind-over-heat/stink/sweat/douchebags!

THE FINAL WORD: Funky Door is great for a healthy glow and low-impact workout, but prepare to be brainwashed, basted, broiled, berated and, possibly, broke.


“Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Cardio Cabaret Burlesque Style” Review

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Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Cardio Cabaret Burlesque Style!

Cardio Cabaret Burlesque Style

Normally, I’d start a review of a Beachbody product with a reminder that Rob is a coach and you should buy your products through him because he can give you a discount. But, that point is moot in this case, because you can get this undulating eyesore for only $3 used on Amazon.

I have actually heard good things about the Yoga Booty Ballet line of products, but, let me tell you— Cardio Cabaret is nearly unbearable.

First: The instructors. I’d take a scoop of what they are having and sip it through a straw… up my nose… if this weren’t a health and fitness blog. They are so busy heaving and hamming for the camera that they give nary a real instruction. Luckily, I have a background in dance, so was able to flail my way through most of it on cue, otherwise, I’d surely have pulled something. Here’s hoping I wasn’t supposed to perform any move in any certain way for the sake of safety or conditioning.

Second: I was please to see Ravi Drums, an old pal from the Metreon/Project Ahimsa days, in the video. But they hardly made use of him as anything but a set dressing. And, tablas and burlesque? Huh?

Third: There is nothing burlesque about this workout, at all. I think there is may be one move they toss in where they reference a stocking and one spot where they have you shimmy. If they would have written the title more appropriately, it would have been: Booty Live: Ballet Yoga! Cabaret Burlesque Style. It’s a shame to see such an obvious attempt to squeeze as many trendy buzzwords into one title, when it really speaks to none of them well.

Fourth: Intensity. I was able to push myself enough to feel like I’d gone for a brisk walk. It was an OK way to get my heartrate up for a little while (though 34 minutes of it hardly counts as a full cardio day for me.)

THE FINAL WORD: For me, doing this workout again would be like watching Two Girls, One Cup a second time. You’d have to be nuts to know what’s coming and still subject yourself to it.


PodFitness.com Review: Love it? Hate it? Tough one…

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This is one of the more challenging reviews I’ve done. Here’s my story…

I have never been able to run. Last year, I considered it a real victory to “Jwog” (walk/jog) home from yoga. (2 miles, mostly uphill.) There was pain involved; there was agony of the mind, it felt like stomping puppies in my head. Back even further… In highschool, I was on track and field. I made it very clear that I was on the FIELD side of the equation and would be more than happy to run 100 yards or less, for the purpose of launching myself into a sand-filled pit or over a bar, but please don’t make me run more than once around the track.

Fast-forward to about a month ago and my renewed attempt to get myself into shape. Here, we have the realization that, A) Smurf often enjoys multiple cocktails on Saturday night, and B) Smurf gets up early on Sunday mornings to watch Rob play soccer for an hour and a half on a field where there is a perfectly cushy, synthetic-surface track. So, I decide I shall jog. This will serve the dual purpose of keeping my Saturday nights in check and adding one nice, big cardio workout to the mix.

Somewhere in my Web travels, I find out about PodFitness.com, a site that syncs trainers up to the music you have in your iTunes. So, they’ll put a trainer telling me how to do the intervals over the top of nonstop Erasure or Bikini Kill. Awesome, yes? They have a ten-day free trial, so I give it a shot.

Initial reaction: Man, is this thing a pain it the ass to get set up. So much so that I cancel my trial membership after the first download. It SUCKS.

But, I hit the track with my iPod the next day. Frankly, a little hung over. I expect very little but a scuffy chug, but I start to RUN. Three songs into it, I notice that I am still running, and really feel like I could keep going. The trainer (Bas Rutten, who is a championship MMA fighter), is cheering me on. I realize that The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” is the best running song ever for a sunny afternoon in the South Bay. Before I know it, I’ve run– like really RUN, with some sprints, even– for 40 minutes nonstop. My estimation is that I’ve gone probably about 4 miles, and my heartrate monitor tells me I was in the 170-180 range nearly the whole time.

I feel victorious; until the ride home, when everything crashes. I can’t move. My face is numb. I think I might vomit. But, DAMN, I feel good! This is the BEST! I can’t wait for the next Sunday. But what to do about the PodFitness thing?

Thankfully, the Universe intervenes and mid-week, I get an email from the Discovery Health Body Challenge telling me I can get a 2-month free membership to PodFitness, so I decide to put a final decision off and sign back up. The next week, I get a pedometer and realize I’ve gone 4.4 miles in 30-something minutes. The week after, I try a new trainer from the PodFitness corral (Jeanette Jenkins) and go 5.75 miles in 50-something minutes. This Sunday, I ran 5.75 miles again, despite the 88-degree heat, and got my heartrate up to 186 on the sprints. Much to my shock, I am loving running for the first time in my life, thanks in large part to the encouragement of the PodFitness downloads.

But, I’m also noticing these things:

1) The cost of membership is $59.85 per quarter ($239+ per year! That is the same as I was paying for my 24 Hour Fitness membership.) Since I am doing P90X the other six days, I am only using the service for one run/workout per week. It appears that the only pricing structure PodFitness offers is tailored for people who do only PodFitness workouts all the time. That offer is totally useless to me. That means I’m paying nearly $5 per run to download ONE freaking workout. Which leads me to point two…

2) The workouts, at least the running ones, are pretty much identical. The only reason to keep updating them is to change up the music. It does offer you the option to update the information and “change your intensity” after you download each one. Which leads me to points three and four…

3) Unless you completely disable cookies on your computer and keep them off, the system doesn’t recognize that you’ve already downloaded and done a workout, so you can’t get to the “improve my next workout” option, which means you have to decide between having this ONE site work right, or being able to auto-log-in from your home computer to MySpace, Facebook, Gmail, any of the other bajillion sites that you use every day. AND…

4) Even if you do “Improve the Workout,” all it really does is scooch the dial. So, Example: I am running intervals. This means I go from four or five intensity to nine or ten, with recovery periods back at four and five and whatnot. Instead of giving me a more interval-intensive workout when I ask for a “more intense” workout, it ups the intensity of the whole thing, so the intense parts of the workout stay maxed out at a 10 and it dials up the 4s and 5s to 8s and 9s. Which, A) is not physically possible, and B) is not an interval workout!

5) You should also know it will crash your system nine times out of ten. Completely. Saturday night, I crashed and then had to disconnect/reconnect the mouse because PodFitness somehow made it stop working. It is not pretty- Oh, and any music you’ve bought off iTunes can’t be used in your workouts unless you run it through a third-party ripper to make it work.

So, with all that said, I have a bit of a crisis of faith figuring out whether I can recommend it to you all. I mean, I love it, but it is a kind of guilty indulgence, like buying $9/pound organic heirloom tomatoes when there are totally tasty $1/pound locally-farmed tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market. As much as I love the workout, I really can’t justify the price they are charging for buggy-ass software that really doesn’t offer an evolving experience. If they were to reduce the price a bit and launch in Beta until they get their software worked out and offer a pay-per-download option, I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

I’d love to hear what you folks think of it! If you want to try it out for yourself, here is the link to the 8-Week Discovery Health Challenge offer.

FINAL WORD: PodFitness is a great idea with loads of kinks to work out. It’s a shame they want the consumer to pay a pretty penny for what is essentially their beta period. If they were to reduce the price a bit, launch in Beta until they get their software worked out and offer a pay-per-download option, I would recommend them wholeheartedly.