P90X2 Plyocide Workout Review

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After documenting my workout on Teambeachbody.com today, my post workout message was, “Not a bad plyo workout, but if I was Shaun T, I’d be PISSED!”

For a beginner/intermediate level plyo workout, P90X2 Plyocide is not a bad thing to do.  (If you really push yourself, it will be tough for intermediate/advanced people)  None of the moves are very high impact, and it will get you sweating and your heart rate up.  Though it DOES NOT COMPARE to any of the INSANITY workouts. Shaun T  (I question his shelf life with BeachBody at this point.  Just my feeling/opinion.  No fact.) is the Video King of Cardio Hell workouts in my book.  That guy kicks my ass with all his extreme fitness workouts.  (And yes, I know there are only so many way the human body moves but more than 1/2 of the Plyocide movements seemed to be “inspired” by techniques featured in INSANITY and ASYLUM.  I’m just say’n.)

Well, all that being said, Tony continues his love affair with his Beach Body stability ball and foam roller.  It’s fine.  I’d recommend doing your own warm up for this video.  By the time the warm up was complete, I was anything but warm, and I could have used more stretching.  They seem to be keeping the video times down, who knows, maybe people were complaining about the length of the videos.

As for the rest of the workout, it was fine.  Nothing earth shattering.  As I mentioned (and if you follow the blog you know), I have done INSANITY and ASYLUM.  I really like both programs, and this whole video was like one long Shaun T warm up.  It never really got out of first gear.

A personal issue I had with this video; I really don’t like his supporting cast in this one.  They try hard enough on camera, but really have no charisma and don’t play off of Tony well.  I will be replacing so I don’t have to see them, and get irked.  (AND because I want a real cardio workout once a week.  HELLO SHAUN T! Be seeing you next week on Tuesday.  Heh.)

If I were to give this one a grade, it would be a solid C.  Not bad, not good.  And if you know what you are doing you can do better yourself.

Screw that…The more I write this (think about it) the more I am convincing myself that it does not hold up to P90X.  It is more like an unfinished P90X+ workout, and all those were pretty mediocre.

So yeah, replace this one with a Shaun T INSANITY/ASYLUM workout.



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If your Beach Body Coach isn’t helping you, be sure to tell Team Beach Body you want FitLifeSFRob as your coach! You then get the combined experience of Smurf and me.


RipFire… Are you kidding me? Who is so stupid to buy this crap?

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I am watching the the 2011 Tour de France, and the commercial that came up was RipFire.  So, for the fun of it, I went to their website, and guess what I didn’t find. ANY WAY TO CONTACT THE PEOPLE WHO SELL THIS BULLSHIT!  If you are one of the idiots who spend their hard earned money on this product, you are screwed.  If you are questioning your sanity and are considering  buying this shit, DON’T.

When there is an “As seen for TV” product out there, that has a website and NO WAY TO CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER, STOP!!!!!

Are you kidding me?  There are very few ways to get into shape.  All of them have to do with eating right and training.  Bullshit in a bottle won’t do a thing for you.

And hey, RipFire asshats.  If you have issue with me, come on by and prove your product works.  Your crappy edited photos do nothing for me.  Or anyone with a brain for that matter.

For the record, I’ll hurt you for fun.  (and the fact that you are lying to the general public!)


P90X Classic Day 1 Week 2 Cycle 4. Man I love to work Back and Chest!

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Beginning of Week 2 Cycle 4 110308

Week 1 down and the only mishap was me not getting Yoga X in.  I was thrashed on Thursday after working on a work project all day (until 10:30pm, I know, Crazy!)  the rest of the week was just as I planned it out.  P90X classic augmented with Sambo on Sunday instead of Saturdays Kenpo X.  (Which totally sucks!)

This week, I will hopefully be adding another Sambo work out on Thursday, which means either I do Yoga when I get home late in the evening, or I do Yoga on Daturday.  This will eliminate a full recovery day, but I can use it more as a stretching workout than a hard core day.  (And yes, yoga can and will kick your ass if you work it right!)

Today was Back and chest again with Ab Ripper X thrown in.  I improved on all my reps, and even Ab Ripper X was easier to do.  Woo Hoo!  If this keeps up, I may have to change out for the ultimate ab work out.  The Tony Horton One on One Abs workout.  (It looks BRUTAL!)


P90X Doubles, a day after a SAMBO Seminar. OWWWWW

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So this morning I began my two-a-days, an even more intensive version of P90X classic.  The thing that makes it tougher than normal is the 3 added cardio sessions a week.  The program has me doing “Cardio X” in the morning, then the standard hardcore work outs in the evening.  Well, if you have been reading along, I pretty much thrashed “Cardio X” in an earlier post, and my mind changed this morning.  Alone, this workout is pretty lame, but as a supplemental work out, it seems to be perfect.  I must say, early this morning it kicked my ass.  (I really hate working out in the morning)

Now, after the beating I took yesterday (SAMBO Seminar) I expected to feel like complete crap this morning, but I felt pretty damn good.  Then I worked out, and after powering through it, I felt much better.  I really needed to get the joints moving this morning. (more…)

P90X Doubles Week 1 Done (Beginning a new 90 day cycle)

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My addiction continues!  Last week I began my 3rd cycle of a Beach Body 90 day program, “P90X Doubles.”  After completing my 2nd cycle, which was P90X+ (Plus), I was thrilled to start P90X again.  Though the “Plus” was challenging, and I saw great core strength gains, I personally don’t enjoy those work outs as much as the original videos. 

One would think that if you have been working out extremely hard for over 1/2 a year, that revisiting an old workout would not devastate you.  (Granted I have been in good to great shape since I was 14)  One would think.  As I am doing “P90X Doubles” this time, my first month is the same as the last time I went through “P90X Classic.”  (more…)

BootcampSF Session 1 Results!!!

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I finished my first session of bootcamp about 2 weeks ago, and went straight into session two. I wanted to wait to do the fitness test with Rob and Heather last weekend as well as my own version of the Slim in 6 diet (which, let’s face it, is only different in that I drank some alcohol) before I posted my results.

But before I do that, I want to make this post a bit more personal and give some background story… (more…)

My favorite energy boosts

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I guess it is about time I put the proverbial pen to ink on this one, and shared one of my "training secrets." For the least few years I have been supplementing my workouts, training sessions and soccer games. I admit it 100%, I use performance enhancers. For about a year or so I was using these Access Performance Bars made by Melaleuca . I would eat them about 20 minutes before a workout or game, and maybe have one at halftime (soccer game). Not sure if it was mental or not, but I did feel I had more energy when I had one. I guess I still might be buying them (instead of working through the bars I have left) if I didn’t think the whole company oozes creepy cult . (I must admit the ProFlex Protein bars are decent, and not a bad buy. Still from a creepy company though)

“Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Cardio Cabaret Burlesque Style” Review

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Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Cardio Cabaret Burlesque Style!

Cardio Cabaret Burlesque Style

Normally, I’d start a review of a Beachbody product with a reminder that Rob is a coach and you should buy your products through him because he can give you a discount. But, that point is moot in this case, because you can get this undulating eyesore for only $3 used on Amazon.

I have actually heard good things about the Yoga Booty Ballet line of products, but, let me tell you— Cardio Cabaret is nearly unbearable.

First: The instructors. I’d take a scoop of what they are having and sip it through a straw… up my nose… if this weren’t a health and fitness blog. They are so busy heaving and hamming for the camera that they give nary a real instruction. Luckily, I have a background in dance, so was able to flail my way through most of it on cue, otherwise, I’d surely have pulled something. Here’s hoping I wasn’t supposed to perform any move in any certain way for the sake of safety or conditioning.

Second: I was please to see Ravi Drums, an old pal from the Metreon/Project Ahimsa days, in the video. But they hardly made use of him as anything but a set dressing. And, tablas and burlesque? Huh?

Third: There is nothing burlesque about this workout, at all. I think there is may be one move they toss in where they reference a stocking and one spot where they have you shimmy. If they would have written the title more appropriately, it would have been: Booty Live: Ballet Yoga! Cabaret Burlesque Style. It’s a shame to see such an obvious attempt to squeeze as many trendy buzzwords into one title, when it really speaks to none of them well.

Fourth: Intensity. I was able to push myself enough to feel like I’d gone for a brisk walk. It was an OK way to get my heartrate up for a little while (though 34 minutes of it hardly counts as a full cardio day for me.)

THE FINAL WORD: For me, doing this workout again would be like watching Two Girls, One Cup a second time. You’d have to be nuts to know what’s coming and still subject yourself to it.